Floyd Mayweather Vs. Juan Manuel Marquez Press Conference Notes

I caught the Mayweather/Marquez press conference which was streamed on HBO.com today.

Here were the highlights:

– Leonard Ellerbe noted that working with Golden Boy has been excellent.

– Ellerbe gave Floyd credit for the movie theater idea.

– Ellerbe started talking about great trainers and Roger interrupted said he’s the only great trainer.

– Oscar comes out and says that Roger has him confused and because he thought Floyd Sr. was the only great trainer. That was funny.

– Oscar says that Marquez is going to dethrone the king and he’s taking pictures to make sure he records history. He says that he couldn’t do it himself and you could hear Floyd in the background saying something.

– Oscar says this is the biggest fight in history and I just rolled my eyes, considering he and Floyd together was about 4 times bigger than this will ever be.

– Richard Schaefer said that if someone took advantage of the Tecate promotion to the fullest, they could get $55 back in rebates.

– Nacho Beristain says that he thinks that Bernard Hopkins and Floyd Mayweather Jr. are the two best pound for pound fighters in the world, but because they trained so hard, he thinks Juan Manuel Marquez can win. He also gave a lot of respect to Roger and Floyd Sr. for their work as trainers.

– Marquez didn’t want to chat much, but did say he trained very hard for the fight and wants to dedicate the fight to the Mexican fighters. I bet Floyd has more to say.

– Ellerbe called Mayweather the face of boxing and the biggest star in the sport. At least he’s close, since it’s still De La Hoya who is in the room.

– Mayweather says that facing Marquez gives him a chance to face one of the best fighters of his era. Ok, he didn’t have much more than Marquez to say.

What was most interesting to me is that you had Richard Schaefer and Oscar De La Hoya constantly saying how Marquez was going to win, which is a stark contrast from UFC press conferences where the company themselves never states anything like that, since the UFC is the only promoter for their company. Obviously, if Marquez wins, since Golden Boy is his promoter, it means more money and visibility for them. It was just odd because I’m so used to watching UFC press conferences and not seeing that.

No questions were taken during the stream as they segmented the media off and had the print guys join Marquez and the TV guys join Floyd. At their staredown, the only thing noticeable was that Floyd had at least two or three inches on Marquez.

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