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Floyd Mayweather Jr. Vs. Juan Manuel Marquez Play By Play

As of right now, which is right before fight time, our audience, who have been voting in a poll for about a month, have Floyd Mayweather as the favorite by a 59-41% margin. Early on, it was as high as 70-30% for Mayweather, but the Marquez votes have been coming.

Tyrese Gibson sang the National Anthem.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Juan Manuel Marquez

Mayweather is definitely the bigger man and so far, he has a decided speed advantage. Marquez didn’t bull rush him and set the tone and so far, it’s right in Floyd’s comfort zone. Even when they clinch, Floyd is keeping him at bay. Marquez backed him against the ropes and threw a hook, but it was blocked.

Marquez landed the best shot of the night with an overhand right, but Floyd just smiled. Mayweather then immediately put him on the ground with a flash knockdown. It was between an uppercut and a hook. He then landed a few big counter shots.

Nothing much to the round, but Floyd definitely sees something in the left hook. He’s digging it. Marquez seems afraid to throw his right hand because every time he throws it, Floyd counters with a big shot.

Marquez threw a nice combination against the ropes, but Mayweather smiled again. He wants Marquez to throw the right hand because he immediately throws a left. Marquez has a cut over his right eye from Mayweather’s jab. Floyd landed the jab at will in the round and he’s up 4-0.

Probably the closest round thus far, but Marquez isn’t hitting Mayweather often. He pressured him much better in the round, but Floyd’s defense was outstanding. Mayweather still landed the more clean shots.

He made Marquez look very old that round. He started to throw lead rights and just missed an uppercut. Marquez is now bleeding from the nose too. That was a very easy round for Floyd.

Marquez landed a decent combination against the ropes and the crowd got into it for a second. Another Mayweather round, and defensively, he looked really good that round. He threw a lead right that missed and Marquez threw two shots nowhere near him.

Floyd was taunting him near the end of the round and asking him to throw more punches. Marquez has to be frustrated. Floyd has a counter to everything Marquez has.

Mayweather just picked him apart the entire round. He threw a three punch combination and hit Marquez in the face with all three punches. Marquez followed up with more than five punches of his own and they were all blocked. He has to be frustrated. Other than the knockdown, this was the most one-sided round.

Floyd outlanded Marquez something like 10-1 in this round. That’s all you really need to say.

That was another terribly one-sided round. Floyd outlanded him 41-5 and landed his punches at an over 60% clip. It seems that he could put him out if he wanted, but it’s not really his game.

Mayweather has pitched an absolute shutout. He looked like he wanted the knockout, but Marquez didn’t throw any crazy shots for him to counter. Marquez definitely looked upset after the fight.

Winner: Floyd Mayweather by way of unanimous decision

118-109, 120-107, 119-108

The post fight interview with Mayweather was a circus. Floyd wouldn’t answer any of Max Kellerman’s questions about the weight and then Shane Mosley jumped in the ring and tried to challenge him, which Floyd took as disrespectful. Mosley tried to make a fight for himself, and probably for Golden Boy as well, because Mayweather’s next fight, if it’s with Pacquiao or Cotto is with Bob Arum.

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9 thoughts on “Floyd Mayweather Jr. Vs. Juan Manuel Marquez Play By Play

  1. Err play by play. Still got UFC on the brain. Anyway glad to see Mayweather got the unanimous (and lopsided) decision to set up a possible huge fight with Pac-Man next year. ESPN just confirmed it.

  2. Manny has to win though.

    Also, you would’ve loved the post fight interview with Floyd which was straight out of WWE.

  3. Maybe I’m assuming too much but I don’t think he’ll have a problem with Cotto. ESPN’s announcers were saying nobody at Mayweather’s weight, +EVEN+ Pac-Man, can offer him a challenge given his speed and finesse. We’ll just see when the time comes.

  4. The ESPNEWS boxing analyst just called Cotto “damaged goods” and said he was mentally and emotionally scared, and implied that his fight with Pac-Man will be a virtual replay of the Money Mo fight – the faster man picking apart a fighter not in his league. I won’t write him off, you won’t, but their man all but did.

    BTW GG I’m curious as to your reaction to this statement he made: “Marquez is a tremendous representative of the sport both outside and inside the ring, but he’s in the twilight of his career.”

  5. We don’t know that he’s damaged goods, but there is that worry.

    But see, I’m not sure if Pac is decidedly faster than Cotto. Our own Duan thinks that Cotto is the right guy to beat Pac and he studies this stuff more than I do.

    Marquez is definitely on the other side of his prime, but that’s not the reason he lost. He lost because Floyd was bigger, stronger, and faster.

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