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FGB Radio 09/28/09 – Floyd Mayweather, UFC Middleweights, Chris Hero, And Internet Reporting

On the latest edition of FGB Radio, Big D and I talk the big boxing number for Floyd Mayweather and Juan Manuel Marquez, the UFC middleweight division, and the Chris Hero to WWE story in general, as well as internet reporting.

Listen below.

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13 thoughts on “FGB Radio 09/28/09 – Floyd Mayweather, UFC Middleweights, Chris Hero, And Internet Reporting

  1. Has Dave Meltzer commented on this Chris Hero situation? I’m interested in what he has to say. Mike Johnson is good at what he does, but often times Meltzer will report stories first(like the recent Bret Hart news) or he’ll provide more details. There has to be an explanation for why and how this all started other than saying there have been no talks.

  2. My guess is that Dave just doesn’t have enough concrete information so he hasn’t said anything. Either that, or it’s just not big enough to dig into because of other things going on in the MMA world.

  3. good show guys.

    Anyway, I have often thought the same thing as Danny about boxing missing out on the DVD market. You know, sometimes I want to buy fights for my own collection and they aren’t even available from an official source. And I’m not talking about some forgotten classics neither, there’s lots of really historically significant fights that you just can’t buy commercially.

    I would love to see them reissued. I think there’s loads of potential options available to them. They could do classic fight dvds. I think there would be lots of people who would want to buy perhaps the Gatti/Ward or Marquez/Vasquez trilogies on DVD for example. We all know how creative people like HBO can be. We have seen it with the 24/7 series. I’m sure they could put together wonderful collectors sets where the put together a little documentary to accompany the fights. Then there’s the option of career profile dvd’s similar to what WWE do. There’s plenty of options available to them.

    I think that by putting together some good extra interviews and documentary features etc, they could have a really strong product.

  4. I’m definitely all for it. I’d love Arguello/Pryor, a Leonard/Hagler/Hearns/Duran set and tons of other stuff. I just wonder who else wants this stuff.

  5. I totally agree with the comments about how ROH booked Nigel and Danielson’s farewells. It feels more like a graduation ceremony. Coming out of what was suppose to be their biggest show in a long time I still care more about Nigel and Danielson than anybody else on the roster. They failed to get people excited about the direction going forward without those two.

    I heard some people say that this may be the end of them caring about ROH. I think booking the farewell the way that they did and placing it last conditions people to think that way. It feels more like the beginning of their swan song than a new beginning.

    They should’ve had the farewell match end with the Wolves, Hero, Claudio or whoever laying both out so to give others a buzz coming out of the show instead of two guys leaving. Maybe also have some babyfaces come to their rescue. Look at how WWE and TNA handled the final appearances of Jeff Hardy and Christian. That’s how you do it.

    ROH makes themselves look so indy with these farewells. Save the goodbyes for the back after the show.

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