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Chris Hero has not Signed With WWE… YET

It has not been reported yet on any major site but I have it on very good authority that ROH superstar Chris Hero has agreed in principle to sign with World Wrestling Entertainment. Hero is scheduled to face Eddie Kingston at tonight’s ROH show in New York City.

Hero has been one of the top independent workers for a little under a decade. He has worked main events for ROH, Chikara, CZW, PWG and won the 2007 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup. He is another talent added to the list of ROH talents that WWE has swiped.

We will have more on this as the story breaks.

UPDATE 12:21AM Eastern: This story has now been confirmed by Power Slam Magazine and one other indy promoter.

UPDATE 02:33AM Eastern: Chris Hero states on his twitter that he has not signed yet but IS headed to “MSG”. Unsure of what that means. Another private source close to Hero informed me this evening that it was talked about jokingly but as far as he knew, WWE has not officially signed him yet.

UPDATE 02:38AM Eastern: Yet another source very close to Chris states that earlier tonight he was contacted and that Chris denied being signed. Again, we will keep you posted.

UPDATE 02:46AM Eastern:: The same source contacted me and explained that Hero has not signed YET but is under the radar. Will he sign? We will see.

Again, we will keep you posted on this story as we are also unsure of whether or not it is factual since there are various stories going around.

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7 thoughts on “Chris Hero has not Signed With WWE… YET

  1. theChrisHero: I haven’t spoken w/ WWE despite rumorrrz. Headed to MSG. Got some stuff to address on the ROH Videowire…

  2. Anonymous


    LADY J!

    I was talking about why he’d go there. Nevermind.

    Duan & GG – Yet another person told me he’ll sign in the next month.

  3. I predicted this would happen on AMP from 8-21 (D was on it as well) Hero is a great talent that would be better served on ECW or SD than on say Impact

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