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The Raid Begins – Bryan Danielson signs with WWE

From ROHWrestling.com

Bryan Danielson has agreed in principle to a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment.

I will comment about this a little later in the week.

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3 thoughts on “The Raid Begins – Bryan Danielson signs with WWE

  1. Does anybody get the feeling that ROH may be done sooner than people think?

    They’ve already have issues with needing to cut costs, business being down and fan interest being at an all time low. With all that they have WWE breathing down their necks.

    Sure, WWE has signed ROH talents in the past, but there’s a key difference with this Danielson situation and whoever else may sign. People like Punk were only signed due to TNA having interest. Danielson and any other possible names are now being signed with the goal of hurting ROH.

    Who’s to say Cary Silken won’t be like “fuck it this is the straw, It’s just not worth it anymore”? Yes, ROH has managed to survive numerous talent losses in the past, but today is different. This comes at a time when interest is the lowest in company history and the talent pool in and out of ROH may not be as strong as it was in the past when it comes to finding replacements for departing talent.

  2. If you listen to our Lunchtime with FGB Radio audio that we did late last week, Big D says exactly what you’re saying. He thinks they’ll be done sooner than later.

  3. If this is the final straw it could be a way for ROH to save face in closing up. Instead of declining business and fan interest or the ECW syndrome(too big to be small, too small to be big) people can claim that in the end the big, bad, evil WWE killed ROH.

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