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Sting To Retire At Bound For Glory V?

I’ve been kicking all sorts of rear end with the TNA news. Well it continues today.

According to Eddie Slater who sent the information into PWInsider, there is local radio advertising in Los Angeles for TNA’s supercard scheduled for October known as Bound For Glory V. The show is slated for Irvine, CA and the advertising states that the show will feature the final match in the career of former TNA and WCW World Heavyweight Champion Sting, real name Steve Borden.

We’d heard for a few years now that Sting has wanted to call it quits, but every time he is about to, Dixie Carter and the folks at TNA sweeten the pot in terms of money and Sting always returns. Historically, for the past three years at TNA’s Bound for Glory, Sting has not only come out victorious, but won the World Heavyweight Championship. In 2006, he defeated Jeff Jarrett in Kurt Angle’s first TNA PPV appearance. The following year he beat Kurt Angle himself to win the title. Finally, last year, Sting won the title from Samoa Joe in the storyline that would form the Main Event Mafia.

Sting, while perhaps not on the level of a Ric Flair or a Hulk Hogan, is a bonafied legend in the business. Sting’s historic feuds in WCW with Ric Flair and Vader still remind fans of good times. Sting’s legendary storyline where he first donned the black and white paint and battled Hulk Hogan and the cancerous NWO was the biggest money-making feud in the entire history of World Championship Wrestling, culminating at their biggest PPV of all time, Starrcade 97. While the Starrcade 97 main event flopped for various reasons, one can’t forget that it was WCW’s biggest financial success. Sting will probably be remembered not only for these great moments, but also for the fact that he is the only main eventer during the wrestling wars who never once worked a single date for the WWF.

Will Sting finally call it quits?

If so, will he work for WWE finally, for at least one match?

Will WWE finally put out that anticipated 3-Disc Sting DVD Set?

Will Sting lead the 2010 Hall of Fame Class?

Is this starting to sound like the end of a 1960’s Batman episode?

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