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Say Hello Again To Thales Leites And Tamdan McCrory And Then Goodbye

Big D wrote the other day that Thales Leites and Tamdan McCrory were going to be cut. Dana White specifically said during the UFC 100 post fight press conference that he wouldn’t cut Leites, but word got out that both were going to be cut.

According to Kevin Iole, both guys will be brought back.

UFC president Dana White wasn’t aware of plans to drop both Leites and welterweight Tamdan McCrory and said he would reverse those decisions.

They won’t be cut, White said Thursday night.

UPDATE 6:26PM Pacific

Now, Kevin Iole says that White changed his mind again and Leites and McCrory are gone again.

News of the move to drop the men surfaced on Thursday. But late Thursday, White told Yahoo! Sports they had been dropped but that he would “fix” it and that they would not be cut.

However, after discussing the move internally on Friday, White changed his mind and opted to let Leites and McCrory go.

“We are cutting them,” White said Friday afternoon.

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