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FGB Radio – 8/5/09: Fedor Talk And UFC 101 Preview

Big D and I are back discussing Fedor signing with Strikeforce, Tito Ortiz coming back to the UFC, and we also preview UFC 101.

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3 thoughts on “FGB Radio – 8/5/09: Fedor Talk And UFC 101 Preview

  1. I fully agree with D about weekly fights being a disastrous idea. I definitely believe there can be too much of a good thing. I remember getting very burned out on MMA towards the end of last year/ start of this year. There was just too much stuff between the PPVs, fight nights, countdown shows, Ultimate fighter and WEC. I stopped watching a lot of the less important stuff, and I really wasn’t enjoying the stuff i did watch. The shows seem like much more of an event when they aren’t all bundled together. I think a lot of their audience now likes to try to keep up with all the shows, but making shows will just burn them out.

    That’s every promotions problem now: they all want to run too many shows.

  2. The one thing that we don’t know is how much it will open them up to boxing fans.

    For you and me and D, it’s too much because we want to watch everything. But we’ll skip stuff we don’t want to watch. There are some folks who will watch free stuff and possibly then buy a show.

    For me, it’s way too much. But it could open up UFC to new sports fans who enjoy that kind of repetition.

  3. I am what GG just described.

    I will happily watch the same Unleashed, Fight Nights and TUF Finales over and over because I learn more about the sport each time.

    That’s why The Ultimate Fighter is still great for me. I get to see a new fight each week along with a card once a month.

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