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FGB Radio 08/26/09 – SummerSlam Recap And UFC 102 Preview

Big D and I returned last night for FGB Radio. We were talked the Paulie Malignaggi vs. Juan Diaz decision, were joined by Eddy Zucko to discuss SummerSlam and how the Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk angle played out, Bryan Danielson, talked the UFC 101 buyrate, the Fedor vs. Brett Rogers fight, and ended it by previewing the top two matches at UFC 102.

Listen below.

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1 thought on “FGB Radio 08/26/09 – SummerSlam Recap And UFC 102 Preview

  1. Because of time, we didn’t get to @PeterH’s question about UFC 102 and possible drug testing failures.

    He wondered what we’d predict for drug test failures. I’ll say zero. I don’t think everyone is being tested, and these guys seem to be smart enough to not get caught. That’s not to say they aren’t doing things they shouldn’t be, but they just smart enough to not fail.

    We also made a mistake on the show. When talking about who Randy Couture lost to at the Rings tournament in 2001, I said that Valentijn Overeem was Alistair’s brother, and Big D thought it was his father. So we went with father. I thought it was weird from an age perspective, but we were running low on time, so I went with it.

    According to Dave Meltzer’s article on the fight, he says Valentijn is Alistair’s brother.

    No big deal, but I wanted to correct that error.

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