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Authorities Search The Home of Floyd Mayweather

Fox 5 News in Las Vegas is reporting that the home of Floyd Mayweather Jr. was raided and searched by authorities in the Las Vegas area today after his vehicle was found in the vicinity of an incident involving gunfire at a location called the Crystal Palace Skating Center.

The authorities obtained a search warrant for Mayweather’s home prior to arriving. Mayweather is not a suspect for any crime thus-far and there is no proof of any connection between Money May and the shootings.

Mayweather is scheduled to come out of retirement and make his big return against Juan Manuel Marquez at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 19th. In addition, Floyd is scheduled to be the guest host on tonight’s edition of WWE Raw. I am not sure as of yet if this writing if anything has changed with regard to that and he is still scheduled to appear.

The Fox 5 Story can be read here.

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