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Angle blames arrest on Rhaka KHAAAAAAAN!!!

Here is a follow-up to the Kurt Angle story from the other day.

The Pittsburg Channel 4 News is reporting that Kurt Angle blamed the entire thing on Rhaka Khan. So again, here we go with the typical “he said, she said” BS that comes out of these kinds of stories. Angle says he will let the judicial system prove that he is innocent… or perhaps he is indeed the teflon don and is above the law in the Pittsburg area.

Kurt’s side of the story is QUITE different than the police report:

The cops told me I had to leave. I didn’t even know why. I got out of there. If they tell me I’ve got to get out of my house, I’m leaving, I’m gone, and this girl ended up following me.

They reported Kurt grabbed his precious gold medal when he was forced to leave by the Police Department, which shows the one thing he loves more than Trenesha Biggers and Karen Angle.

You can read the original story here.

We will be discussing this on tonight’s edition of FightGameBlog Radio with Double G (Not Double J Kurt, don’t shoot on him!). Join us tonight at 1AM Eastern, 10PM pacific on Angrymarks.

Kurt left her at the center of a dead planet it seems…

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