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WWE 2009 Night Of Champions Play By Play: John Cena Vs. Randy Orton Vs. Triple H

This is the PPV where all of the matches are championship matches.

The first match is for the tag belts and we get to see who Chris Jericho’s “evil” partner is. My guess is Seth Green, aka Scott Evil. Let’s hope not.

1. Legacy vs. Chris Jericho and The Big Show

Well, the Big Show is the partner. And he’s wearing a new blue singlet that makes him look as fat as ever. I wonder if this takes him out of the 6 way? If it does, Evan Bourne should be in and the match should be much better.

This was an interesting match because both teams are heel teams. When Jericho was in the ring, he pretty much played face, setting up the hot tag for the Big Show. Rhodes and DiBiase looked good. Rhodes even hit a moonsault.

Jericho hit a codebreaker on DiBiase, which lead to Big Show hitting his version of the camel clutch and DiBiase tapped immediately.

Winner: Chris Jericho and The Big Show

CM Punk just cut a very righteous promo about Jeff Hardy and parenting. It got good heat.

2. Tommy Dreamer vs. Christian

I wonder if Kozlov figures his way into this one.

No Koslov. There was a lot of countering moves between these guys. Christian can wrestle that way, but Dreamer’s not as good because he’s so sloppy. But they both worked pretty hard.

Christian had a sleeper hold on Dreamer and he took a header over the top rope to break the move. They did more counter wrestling later in the match from Killswitch to DDT to Killswitch and Christian finally won the match and the ECW title.

They hugged after it was over.

Winner: Christian

Jericho and Show did an interview where they talked about their business agreement. Jericho thanked Edge for making it all possible. That’s going to be one hell of a program when Edge comes back.

3. Jack Swagger vs. Carlito vs. The Miz vs. Primo vs. MVP vs. Kofi Kingston

I guess Primo replaced Show. Not bad, but I’d have rather seen Bourne in the spot.

This was a really fun match. Carlito did a flip out to the floor and onto MVP, and I think he fell ass flat to the floor. That had to hurt. Primo and Kofi did a double superplex on Miz, and Swagger slammed both while they did it. The best spot of the match was MVP going for the Play of The Day on Swagger while Miz caught him and performed his finisher on MVP while had Swagger. Carlito and Primo tried to work together before Carlito backstabbed him, but then Kofi wrapped Carlito up and pinned him.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

4. Michelle McCool vs. Melina

They did some decently innovative stuff to take advantage of Melina’s limberness. They were both standing on the barricade and McCool jumped off while DDTing Melina on the barricade at the same time. If McCool’s selling was better, it would’ve been a much better match. She tried to portray a tired and beaten heel that won by the skin of her teeth, but didn’t do a great job.

Melina did a Thesz press from the top and McCool reversed it and pinned Melina.

Winner: Michelle McCool

5. John Cena vs. Triple H vs. Randy Orton

When they introduced each guy before the match, Cena got the most cheers, but also a lot of boos. HHH’s response was a bit lukewarm but definitely some boos. Orton was booed the loudest.

For most of the match, it was like a handicap match where Cena and HHH both tried to work together to beat Orton. But Orton was the one who was outsmarting them both. Finally, Orton was thrown out and Cena and HHH went at it. Some of the crowd did the “boo” “yay” chant with HHH getting the “yays”. Orton saved Cena from being pinned by the pedigree.

It was an excellent finish, but it just took a long time to get there. HHH put Orton in the sharpshooter. Rather than breaking up the the submission, Cena decided to put on the facelock part of the STFU. Orton tapped, but the ref didn’t stop the match because he didn’t know who to give the victory to. Then DiBiase and Rhodes came in to break it up. Cena had Rhodes in the FU and Orton hit the RKO with Rhodes calling on Cena’s back as Cena took the move. It looked pretty cool. Orton then pinned Cena.

The match was definitely slow in spots because of the storytelling, and it was odd because the heel was having to defend himself against two faces, but it still worked because the guys have good chemistry and the finish was good.

Winner: Randy Orton

The Miz cut a promo on Maryse because she’s a tease. He said she lost her chance.

Chili from TLC was in the front row, probably with her son. There was a young man with Jeff Hardy arm sleeves who looked like her. I think that would be Dallas Austin’s kid too.

6. Mickie James vs. Maryse

This was a terrible match that went on and on and on and on until Mickie finally hit her swinging DDT or whatever it’s called for the win. Now Miz can make fun of Maryse for not being a champ.

Winner: Mickie James

7. Dolph Ziggler vs. Rey Mysterio

For nearly the entire match, the crowd simply didn’t buy Ziggler as in Rey’s league. But they told a pretty decent story. Ziggler was bigger and stronger and tried to use a few power moves. Ziggler only obviously messed up once or twice and he hung as well as could be imagined considering it was his first match on this big of a stage since the Ziggler character was created. He looked like he nearly knocked himself senseless taking a bump and falling flat on the top of his head.

Mysterio hit the 619 and the splash for the win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

8. CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy

Even if John Cena and HHH are bigger stars, and especially since Shawn Michaels isn’t currently around, Jeff Hardy is definitely the best babyface the company has right now. The fans react to everything. It helps that Punk is very good in his righteous heel role. The match was just ok, but the crowd popped hard for the finish.

After missing the swanton twice, and after kicking out of the GTS, Hardy finally hit the swanton and won the title. The crowd popped really hard for the victory.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

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  1. hey u guys are cool i love big show, randy orton, john cena, triple h, rey meterio, and lots of other wrestlers but i hate wade barret. he is an adiot

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