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UFC 100 – Mir Vs. Lesnar Play By Play

UFC 100 takes place in Las Vegas at The Mandalay Bay Events Center. Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg will be commentating. There will be two championship fights on the card, the much anticipated Lesnar vs. Mir and the welterweight championship with Georges St. Pierre defending against Thiago Alves. The card starts with Alan Belcher vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama.

If you are watching live and also following online, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section by clicking the link at the bottom of this post. I hope you enjoy our coverage. And remember, you need to take a shot anytime Joe Rogan says someone is “rocked”.

Alan Belcher vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama

Round 1 – Belcher starts off with some leg kicks and feigning a few punches. Akiyama is not impressed. Belcher kicks Akiyama square in the nuts and puts him on the ground rolling around. The crowd gives a big ooooohhhh when the replay is shown. Belcher is keeping his hands really low and looks like he no respect for Akiyama. Akiyama is landing a few shots, but Belcher is landing more with the kicks and pawing shots. Belcher lands a straight right and put Akiyama on his ass. Akiyama back up quickly and looks OK. Akiyama is getting busier after the knock down. Both guys are landing hard shots as the round winds down. Akiyama gets him down at the end of the round, but doesn’t do anything with it. I’d give the round to Belcher.

Round 2 – Belcher goes for a kick right away and Akiyama takes him down. Belcher looking for a submission, but getting nowhere close. Belcher is staying busy and Akiyama is having a hard time doing much from the top because of it. Akiyama is landing the occasional hard shot from the top, but Belcher is in no real danger. Belcher back up with 2 minutes left. Belcher looks to be getting a little tired. End of the round was slow. I’d give it to Akiyama for control and landing some of the better shots.

Round 3 – Both guys have swelling around the eyes. Belcher throwing some kicks low and goes high, but is blocked. Each guy tagging the other with hard shots. No combos, just single shots and out. Akiyama has a problem with the left eye and is blinking and swelling up. Could have been a poke. Akiyama is limping a bit while moving forward. Belcher landing kicks. Akiyama drops Belcher, but he’s right back up. Akiyama gets the takedown with 20 seconds left. Belcher back up. Great fight. TOught to call the final round. Belcher landed more, but Akiyama got a knockdown and a takedown. I could see it go either way, but I’ll say Belcher. I have it Belcher 29-28.

Decision – 30-27 Akiyama, 29-28 Blecher, 29-28 Akiyama. Akiyama by split decision. Joe thinks Belcher was robbed, but I can see the 29-28 score for Akiyama.

Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping is coming up next.

Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping

Bisping is coming out to something that isn’t “London Calling” and that’s a shame since there aren’t many bands better than The Clash. Bisping is ripped. Thank God Henderson is still using “Lunatic Fringe”. He looks calm and ready to go, Bisping appears a bit nervous. My girlfriend is picking Bisping. I laughed a little. Henderson better win.

Crowd is booing the hell out of Bisping.

Round 1 – Henderson is throwing the right like he wants to send Bisping’s head into the 7th row. Henderson backing Bisping up and cracking him. Bisping seems to be OK. Henderson backing off and not shooting his load too early. Henderson plodding forward, Bisping circling and bouncing out. Not too much action, but a few smaller shots from each guy. Bisping landing a few kicks. Henderson gets the clinch against the cage and throwing knees. Bisping out and goes for a takedown. Not even close. Henderson laughed and landed a right to end the round. I give the round to Henderson.

Round 2 – Both staying busy with small shots. Henderson lands a good punch. Bisping circles out. Bisping is landing more, but doing no damage at all. Henderson knocks Bisping the fuck out with that right hand that Bisping had no respect for. Bisping is down and out and not moving.

Bisping was out before he hit the ground and Henderson hit him with another huge shot out on the ground. Bisping has regained consciousness.

Decision – Dan Henderson by brutal KO. One round faster than I thought he’d get it done.

Georges St. Pierre vs. Thiago Alves

Round 1 – Leg kicks open the round by both guys. GSP hits a takedown about one minute in. Alves is back up, but Georges has his back against the cage, and takes him back down. GSP on Alves back, but Alves out and back up. Alves looks to be the bigger guy, but GSP having no trouble with him yet. Alves stuffs a St. Pierre shot. Not much offense from Alves. St. Pierre takes him down again. Trickle of blood from Alves right eye. Doesn’t look to be a problem. Alves back up. Easily GSP’s round.

Round 2 – Alves keeps moving forward and landing a few leg kicks. St. Pierre with another takedown. Alves has only stopped one attempt. GSP briefly had mount, but back to guard after 2 seconds. Alves nose is bleeding badly. Alves not looking for submissions, he’s just trying to tie up and get a stand up or throw a few hammer fists from the bottom. St. Pierre landing a few good shots. Alves up with 40 seconds left. Not much besides a clinch against the cage to end the round. St. Pierre’s round.

Round 3 – Alves avoids another take down attempt. Lots of circling and pawing. Alves looking for a big shot. Can’t say that I blame him. That’s probably his best chance. Georges gets another takedown about 90 seconds into the round. Alves up at the 2 minute mark. Leg kicks by each and Alves went down from something I missed. St. Pierre pounces, but can’t finish. Alves weathers the 3rd. A slower round, but still clearly a St. Pierre round.

Round 4 – St. Pierre with a big takedown into the fence. Passes to mount. Georges looing for a head and arm choke, but Alves gets half guard. Alves out and on top of St. Pierre with 3 minutes left. GSP taking a few shots, but nothing big. GSP up and looks pissed. GSP lands a straight shot to the face and takes Thiago down. GSP working a rear naked with 45 seconds left. Alves survives. GSP wins this round too.

Alves needs to finish. GSP says he pulled his groin. Jackson said he didn’t care, Hit him with your groin. I love Greg Jackson.

Round 5 – Alves still moving forward. GSP gets him down again. This fight really look s a lot like the St. Pierre versus Fitch fight. Alves has been totally worked the whole fight, but is still in there and not showing any desire to quit. St. Pierre kicking and staying to the outside. Alves throws a kick and GSP gets another take down. GSP controlling. Joe says the winner of Kampman versus Swick gets the next title shot. YAAAAWWWWNNNN!!!!!! St. Pierre needs to move up and face Anderson Sylva. Round ends on the ground. GSP takes the final round too. I have it 50-45 for St. Pierre.

Decision – 50-45, 50-44, 50-45. GSP by unanimous decision. Another dominate performance by Georges St. Pierre.

The main event of Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir is up next. I’m not sure what happened to the Jon Fitch vs. Paulo Thiago fight. Maybe they were afraid of going long and had them fight on the undercard with the thought of showing it on tape if they have time.

Mir suffered a hematoma while training and needed to have it lanced. He has discoloration and what could be a scab high on the forehead to the side of his eye. Joe informs us that they lanced it so that if it opens up it will bleed down the side of his face and not into his eye. Mir looks to be in great shape. Lesnar comes down looking like a monster.

Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir

No glove touch by Lesnar. He totally dissed Mir.

Round 1 – Lesnar cracked him and then took him down. Applying a rape choke from the half guard and smothering Frank. Herb Dean telling them to work. Brock landing short punches and has Mir bleeding a little. Crowd booing the action. Brock pounding him with hard single shots from the top. Nothing that will end the fight, but they will do damage. Mir’s leg is heavily taped on the left quad and knee. Brock is landing big shots, but Mir is saying he’s OK. God damn that has to hurt. Mir reaching for a leg, Brock avoids it and cracks him again. Mir’s face looks bad, Round ends. Lesnar gives him a pat on the hip and Mir gets up smiling

Round 2 – Brock took him down and then backed off for the stand up. Mir landed a hard shot and then hit a big jumping knee. Brock didn’t like it too much and took Mir down against the cage. Brock smothering and maybe recovering a little from the shots. Brock now pounding him as the crowd yells, “stand them up”. Brock knocked him out on the ground. Mir got back up and went after Lesnar pissed about something. Crowd was booing so Lesnar gave everyone the finger.

Decision – Lesnar wins at 1:48 of round 2 via KO. Crowd hates him almost as much as they hated Sylvia. Lesnar totally playing the heel, telling them he loves it. Lesnar cutting a pro wrestling promo on Mir.

Lesnar says he’s going home to drink some Coors Light because Bud Light won’t pay him and he may even get on top of his wife tonight. Thankfully, Mir was a bit more gracious.

Rogan announces that the Fitch and Thiago fight is going on live next. Not sure if we’ll see it on the PPV or not.

Jon Fitch vs. Paulo Thiago

Round 1 – Fitch opening up with some low kicks to Thiago. Takes Thiago down and ends up in a guillotine. Looks tight, but Fitch looks comfortable and working to get out. Thiago has to be burning his arms out going for the choke. He better how he’s able to finish. Fitch out with 2 minutes left. Fitch on top and gets Thiago’s back. Fitch throwing short punches and elbows to the head of Thiago. Tough round, but I guess I’ll go with Thiago since he had control for 3 minutes although Fitch never appeared to be in major trouble.

Round 2 – Fitch lands a punch and drives Thiago to the fence and gets a takedown. Fitch on top and landing small shots. Thiago looking for the guillotine, but doesn’t get it. Fitch gets his back. Another big Fitch takedown and gets his back on the ground. Fitch throwing, but not doing a lot of damage from the back. Fitch takes the second round.

Round 3 – More punches to open the round followed by a takedown for Fitch. Fitch gets the back again and then to full mount and then back to the back again. Thiago stands up with Fitch on the back and Thiago drops onto his back with a hard thud from Fitch under him. Fitch holds the back. Thiago gets guard. Fitch is really controlling the fight on the ground. Fitch working for a choke, but Thiago is defending well. 30 sends left and Fitch seems content to keep punching from the back. Handily Fitch’s round. It’s either 29-28 or 30-27 Fitch.

Decision – 30-27, 29-28, 29-28. John Fitch by unanimous decision.

Lawlor got submission of the night. No official announcement, but I imagine KO of the night is going to Henderson.

Overall, a good night of fights. I think it lived up to the hype and I’m looking forward to the next 100 events.

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4 thoughts on “UFC 100 – Mir Vs. Lesnar Play By Play

  1. Jim, you are the world’s greatest bearded man since Abe Lincoln.

    Awesome job tonight.

    And how many shots did you take because of Rogan?

  2. JP, I agree that Lesnar knows how to play the role to sell the next PPV. If he and Mir can keep winning we may see a rubber match down the road.

    I had to skip the shots to make sure I could keep up with the action. Maybe next time!

  3. So far, based on the poll on the site (which is in it’s infancy) people want to see Carwin and Lesnar next.

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