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TNA Victory Road was anything BUT a Victory…

In what said to be an absolutely terrible pay per view show, TNA Victory Road ended with the Main Event Mafia revealing a new member as well as holding all of the gold, as if it really mattered.

Kurt Angle defeated Mick Foley in a contest that would’ve meant a lot ten years ago (and was actually being planned in the WWE three years ago), and would’ve probably been a good match two years ago. Instead, we got two over-the-hill veterans putting us to sleep in a match that was about half as good as you’re going to get out of these guys in their current physical shape, and probably worse than anything anybody would hope would expect.

Besides that, Kevin Nash squashed AJ Styles to take the TNA Legends Title and Booker T and Scott Steiner won the TNA Tag Belts from Beer Money. In the former, the aging, 80-year old looking monster squashed AJ with a chokeslam. In the latter, the heels cheated to win the belts from the hottest act in the company. Basically all of the heels walked out as champions, a desperate attempt by TNA to boost ratings simply because that’s what happened the LAST time they pulled the stunt of having the heels win. One would assume that at Bound for Glory in October, TNA’s answer to Wrestlemania (a joke of an answer and that), the faces will get everything back. Until then, we’ve gotta hear the geezers talk trash for the next few months. Well, I don’t have to, because I don’t WATCH TNA!

Welcome to WCW. Remember, that company died for a reason.

The other big “news” to come from the show is that Bobby Lashley officially signed with TNA. Rather than have Lashley talk about what an honor it is to work for TNA and all of the great athletes and performers he is about to work with, he decided to spend the entire interview hyping up a fight with UFC Champ Brock Lesnar that is nowhere near close to happening. Lashley isn’t in the UFC.

Besides that, Taz was revealed as Samoa Joe’s mystery mentor, coming out during Joe’s match with Sting and basically… doing NOTHING! I heard from three people who were at the show in Orlando that it got zero pop. I’m not sure why this shocked anybody considering that not only did all of the major wrestling publications already report that Taz was going, not only did Taz put many obvious clues on his Facebook, but TNA kept flashing “13” and “FTW” on the screen for the past month. HOW DO THEY EXPECT TO GET A POP? This ain’t the 2000 Royal Rumble folks.

And yet I still wonder why people watch.

I went into great detail on my Superfriends Blog as I asked the question: Why do people STILL watch TNA?

I won’t pretend like I know.

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2 thoughts on “TNA Victory Road was anything BUT a Victory…

  1. I find the fact that those in TNA think they have a wrestlemania equivalent hilarious. There is absolutely zero disparity between one show and the next. There cannot possibly be anyone who cares that Bound for Glory is coming up soon. They may as well change the names of all their shows and start again because they have built up no equity what so ever in those current names. It is just another show. No one has fond memories of past bound for glory’s because they are completely transparent with every other awful PPV they have ever done.

    God this company has been failing hard for………… wait how long have they been in business again? something like 8 years? Sigh.

  2. Since 2002. So yeah, almost 8.

    My Bound for Glory Memories: Sting beating everybody.

    That is all.

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