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Superfriends 023 – Second Coming

Hello to all Fight Game Blog Readers!

I’d like to turn you on to my personal variety podcast entitled the Superfriends Variety Show. We had our big return episode last night and broke all of our previous records in terms of call ins and whatnot and will probably break the record in terms of overall listens for my show.

Those of you who missed it, it’s alright, you can stream the show or download it in the links below. Be sure to tune in next week LIVE for Superfriends 024 – Danniversario 2009, as we celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the genesis of the show and take live calls. The live link is here.

Parental Discretion IS Advised on these shows. Some of the verbiage used may not be suitable for minors.

Stream Superfriends 023 – Second Coming Here

Download Superfriends 023 – Second Coming Here (LINK HAS BEEN FIXED)

P.S. The FGB Radio with GG and myself will be up later today so STAY TUNED!

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