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New Poll – Who should Brock Lesnar fight next?

After Brock Lesnar’s thrashing of Frank Mir, we’re wondering who you think his next contender should be.

The possibilities are:

Frank Mir
Randy Couture
Cain Velasquez
Shane Carwin
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
Mirko Cro Cop

Vote on the poll to the right of this post.

If you think it should be someone else (please don’t say Fedor because he’s not yet in the UFC), use the comment thread.

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39 thoughts on “New Poll – Who should Brock Lesnar fight next?

  1. It has to be the winner of Carwin-Velasquez.

    The UFC might throw someone else in front of him because C-V isn’t until UFC 104, or they may just let Lesnar wait.

  2. Brock should face winner of Randy vs. Nog next, whoever that might be. Obviously there will be people saying that that title shot would be premature, since both guys would only have one win under their name. But after all Brock got his title shot also with only one win.

    And please not Cop Cop, he has done nothing in the UFC that warrants a title shot.

  3. It needs to be someone tall with great striking. Mirko would probably be the best. I’m not sure Brock knows what a kick is. He could also be defeated by CainV, GabrielG, TimS, and probably CheickC.

  4. I think he would destroy Kongo and stop him. He’d get hit for sure, but he’d take him down and kill him on the ground. The Gonzaga fight would be pretty close to how Couture beat him. Cain is going to be interesting because they fight similarly and both have bad stand-up defense. But Brock is stronger. As for Sylvia? Brock would make him crap his pants more than likely. If Sylvia was a better overall athlete, he’d be a dangerous fighter. He has skills, but doesn’t have the athleticism to go with it.

  5. Fedor, it’s screaming fedor! If it doesn’t happen then I’d have to think Dana White is seriously slacking.

  6. I’d love to see Fedor too, but after Cro Cop tried to use UFC against Dream, I think White is going to be even more anal about contracts. Also, you have to figure out how to market Fedor to the new audience. It may take a few fights to do that.

  7. If Nog gets past Couture, a big if, it could be an interesting match up. I don’t think there’s any way Brock would want to be on the ground with that dude. Other than that, I say the winner of Carwin vs. Velasquez, even thought it seems a bit early for either guy.

  8. If/when Fedor signs with the UFC, he will get a title shot in his first bout. His managers won’t sign the contract without that on the table and Dana wants it.

    The marketing wil take care of its self. Fedor is mentioned in every Lesnar article on the internet and the casual fan will start getting to know about him. With six months or more to promote the card, every casual fan in America would know Fedor without the UFC lifting a finger.

    The media will do all the work for him.

  9. I actually disagree. Fedor isn’t well known at all to casual fans. How do you reach casual fans? Not on the Internet. You reach casual fans because of word of mouth and television. If they can’t get Fedor on television, the fight will be super big to us, but not as big to casual fans and won’t do near the business of this fight with a lesser fighter (Mir).

    It’s not about how well you fight, which match-ups are the best, or who technically is the best. It’s about how much star power you have. Fedor doesn’t have it yet with casuals. I’m not sure he ever will either. He’s not that big of a personality.

  10. Think about this though… They promote the fight on tv… show commercials, have countdowns etc… & someone may not know who Fedor is what will they do? Maybe google him, or ask. If they try to google him or watch his fights on youtube the will see from the videos and/or his record that he is a beast! & if they don’t do that.. then maybe they ask someone. so it is word of mouth… If Fedor joins the ufc, I agree. He will get a title shot the first fight!

  11. You’re totally right (as was JP). I want to recant my statement. If they do the proper build with all the Pride footage they have and bring Fedor in as the greatest fighter in the world, they definitely have something.

    If they do the UFC Primetime specials to build up the fight, I think that’s enough.

    I guess it’s much better to bring him in and give him a shot, than it is risking him losing to a Shane Carwin on a fluke shot and losing the money fight with Lesnar.

    My worry was that a Pride version of Fedor would mean less than a UFC version of Fedor. But I think the risk is too big.

    Do the fight when they can get him. Because Brock could lose too. Not likely, but it could happen.

  12. I’d like to see a third and final match with Mir.

    Frank says he wants to put on another 10 pounds and then go in again and beat him.

    I’d like to see that too.

  13. This might sound WEIRD but I think FEDOR should fight ONE warm up fight before Lesnar, against a Gonzaga or somebody like that so that the fans can SEE his greatness. Probably put it on the undercard of a big Lesnar card.

    It COULD bite em in the ass, but it’d be worth it if they can get him over.

  14. I did think Frank came in too light for this fight. But I’m not sure if 10 pounds is going to be enough.

  15. Yep, that and also the Primetime 3 show special. I think they both would be in order.

    And D, do you really want Gonzaga to mess things up again? He messed up Couture and Cro Cop the first time.

  16. It’s just not going to happen. I now go on record as saying Fedor vs. Brock will never happen. Feel free to mock me should it come to pass, but I don’t believe Fedor will ever sign with UFC.

    And to be honest, I don’t think he has to any more. I had previously said that if he never signed with UFC that it would take a lot from his legacy. That was during his nearly 3 year run of joke opponents. Since then he has beat 2 former UFC champions and top 10 heavyweights. If he beats Barnett to then he has proved his point. He doesn’t need UFC anymore. He can just walk away when ever he likes with his place in history secure.

  17. I don’t disagree with you. I talked to Tim Starks yesterday and he wanted to lowdown on Fedor.

    What’s different today with how UFC and Fedor’s peeps do business? Nothing.

    The only thing different is that Affliction may not be around and thus, Fedor will only have Japan or Strikeforce to go to if he’s not in UFC.

    And it’s not like Dana has to come down at all.

  18. I am big douchbag. I am not working hard enough to get Fedor in the ring. Sorry. I miss Tito.

    I should bring in the following fighters:

    -Cung lee
    -nick diaz
    -floyd maywheather

  19. Dear “Great” Dane White,

    I’m not sure what’s different about signing Fedor now when you tried signing him two years ago. I just hope Randy Couture doesn’t quit again.

    I think you’ll get Nick Diaz back eventually.


  20. ANyone interested in a Monson versus Lesnar match. That’s one that I think could be interesting.

  21. I think the winner of the Couture-Nog fight because the Shane VS Cain fight is not until UFC 104 and in my opinion that is a little too long for Brock Lesnar to fight. Because me and other Brock fans want Brock to fight ASAP. And therefore I think the winner of the Shane And Cain fight faces the winner of Brock or Couture or Brock or Nog

  22. You may be right. But I think the winner of Couture/Nog has to look good. If it’s a boring fight, I think they’ll wait and see what happens in Shane and Cain. But we won’t have to wait too long to figure out the plans. Only 6 weeks until Couture/Nog.

  23. Monson is not with UFC any longer, but I’m sure they could get him back if they were interested. He’s won 8 of 10 since losing his title shot to Sylvia and has a 6 fight win streak since his loss to Josh Barnett.

    He’s giving up about 7 inches in height, and probably 30 pounds of weight on fight day, but he’s got good wrestling and BJJ. I’ve always enjoyed watching him fight and wish we’d see him back in UFC. Not sure what caused his departure immediately following his title shot.

    Vanilla Gorillas indeed.

  24. How is his criminal situation? Last I read he was in trouble for vandalizing town hall.

  25. monson wouldnt be able to do anything. kongo got thrashed by cain v. cro cop sucks. even if lesnar fought kimbo i’m sure he’d take him. i havent seen anyone yet that i think can stop lesnar now, except fedor. he IS the ultimate fighter. he avenged his one loss by whippin that guy’s ass. just like lesnar. lesnar vs fedor would be the match of the new millenium. but knowing fedor, he would probably end it too quickly, like the fedor vs sylvia fight.

  26. I think a striker has the best shot at Lesnar. But he has to have really good takedown defense, or at least know what to do when he gets on his back. I don’t think Cro Cop has that. Neither does Kongo.

  27. You know what? I totally agree with you, man. I was just saying something like that to my friends yesterday.

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  28. Crocop sucks? Get real… You are making out that Kimbo ‘the big internet joke’ Slice has more chance against Lesnar than Mirko would. Wake up son. Crocop in his prime vs Lesnar in his prime would be a no brainer, doesnt matter how big or strong you are, Mirko would kick his fucking head off.

    Put Arlovski in there, or Mir again, even Noguiera, everyone is on the high horse with Brock now just cause he’s avenged his loss to Frank, big deal. Mir should put another 15lbs on then get back in there n teach Lesnar a lesson… once and for all.

    P.S… Fedor would make a mockery of Lesnar, its pointless even putting them in together…

  29. I don’t think I ever said Cro Cop sucks. I just don’t think he has it anymore. The problem is you can’t put the 2006 Cro Cop in there with the 2009 Lesnar because that’s fantasy.

    Now, you could put all those other guys you mentioned (Cro Cop included) in there with Brock and they all have just as good of a chance as anyone. That’s definitely your opinion.

    As for Mir, well, I guess it’s how he gains those 15 pounds that would be the story.

    Lastly, as for Fedor, he might, but unless they get in the cage together, we’ll never know.

  30. kongo would get handled by lesnar 1st round, yall see what cain did to him. cro cop needs to show something in 1 of his fights bc his comeback last fight showed nothing. There is no way couture can beat him, he’s just gonna be older than last fight and i dont see nogueira being able to handle him either. cain v carwin will be #1 contender match, and I think we will see tim sylvia before fedor bc he has said he wants to return to ufc eventually and i would love to see sylvia v lesnar

  31. Oooo. I’m not sure if I want to see Sylvia and Lesnar.

    If Couture was 10 years younger, I think that he’d have the best shot because of his wrestling defense and boxing.

    Otherwise, Velasquez and Carwin are going to have to hit big shots to put Lesnar down, which can happen. Anything can happen. But I wouldn’t bet on it right now.

  32. Carwin will get killed by Lesnar… mark my words.

    He’s just too inexperienced at the top level imo.

    Gonzaga had the better of him then hit him with a good shot and it was game over. I’d rather see Gonzaga fight Lesnar, even he aint good enough though.

    Arlovski would be my main choice.

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