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FGB Radio – Test Show Featuring Josh Barnett, UFC 103, And Pacquiao/Cotto

Big D and I did a test show the other day to see if we wanted to do a more regular version of FGB Radio.

We are heavy on the latest topics with emphasis on opinions. Please let us know what you think. It will help me make the decision on whether to go on a regular schedule or not.

Also, we want to make it Twitter interactive, so follow us on Twitter @fightgamemedia.

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5 thoughts on “FGB Radio – Test Show Featuring Josh Barnett, UFC 103, And Pacquiao/Cotto

  1. That was a really good show guys. I enjoyed that a lot.

    The reason i have been rallying behind Cotto so much is because he is being criminally under appreciated. The guy is a great fighter, and I see him vs. Pac as a 50/50 fight. I think people are quick to forget that for the last 5 years Miguel has been doing work. He has one loss, and it’s a tainted one at that. That doesn’t make him a bad fighter.

    People rag on his performance against Clottey, but I thought that was a damn good showing on his behalf. And I will tell you why: there was not exactly a line of people queuing up to fight Joshua Clottey, and there still isn’t. Cotto went in there and did what was needed to get the win. He proved he could still box in the Jennings fight. My only concern was whether he would fold when against another big pressure fighter. If mentally he could handle fighting another strong physical welterweight. He had to battle a really tough opponent and deal with some horrific cuts , but he made no complaints and just got on with it. We have seen a lot of guys quit in recent months, but there was no signs of quit in Miguel that night. He dug deep and did what was needed to come away with the W. That’s what being a fighter is all about. I think anyone writing off a guy as talented as Cotto is out of their mind. This result is not a forgone conclusion.

    And 145 pounds is game on as far as I’m concerned. I expected them to try push a lot lower than that. Cotto can win this fight.

  2. Thanks Duan.

    I agree about the Clottey fight. That was a tough fight and one in which he showed testicular fortitude. He came back and won the rounds he needed to win.

    It’s also going to be a much more entertaining fight than a possible Floyd/Manny fight.

    I’m still not sure who my pick is.

    Do we know if they’re going to do a 24/7 special for this one?

  3. I haven’t heard it being confirmed, but I’m fairly sure they will do it.
    It will be interesting because we haven’t seen Cotto on it before. I’m looking forward to seeing Marquez on it for the first time to.

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