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Another Major TNA Star (AJ Styles) Sidelined

Bad news for TNA fans.

So it’s no secret that founding father Jeff Jarrett has taken a sabatical from Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, most likely due to Kurt Angle’s jealous eyes. Jarrett was one of the people who helped give TNA a buzz back in 2002 on pay per view.

But the guy who can actually be held solely responsible for people even tuning into TNA was AJ Styles. Other than Jarrett, perhaps no performer in the seven year long history of the company has meant more to TNA than AJ Styles. AJ Styles competed in the VERY first TNA PPV in 2002 in a historic six man tag match. AJ Styles competed in the VERY first X-Divison match ever and was crowned the FIRST X-Division Champion. AJ Styles was the FIRST TNA Triple Crown Champion. AJ Styles has always been there, perhaps even moreso than Jeff, who, when his wife Jill died, understandably took a sabbatical.

Well now AJ is out.

Jeremy Borash reported on his Twitter Account that AJ has a very nasty staph infection and will be out for the foreseeable future. The infection is in AJ’s leg and is the second very bad infection to hit a TNA star this year (Nash had one as well this past winter). We don’t know when AJ will return but it will likely be in a little over a month. Thankfully TNA has the next month’s worth of TV taped out – so you will still see him on Impact, but after that – who knows?

So now with Jarrett AND AJ out, what in the world is left for TNA die-hards to get-behind?

Some good news though – at least now we know for sure that Playboy has indeed signed a deal with TNA and that the first knockout to bare it all will be Traci Brooks, followed by So Cal Val. Good times.

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