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Aftermath – WWE Night of Champions 2009

WWE Night of Champions 2009 is in the books. A PPV sold on every single match being for a championship in an era where titles don’t matter anywhere near what they used to might not sound like such a saliva-inducing purchase. However it seems like we all agreed it was pretty decent. Let’s hear what the FGB Crew had to say…


Thumbs middle.
Best – Punk/Jeff
Worst – Maryse/Mickie

Main event was great I thought. Punk’s facials from start to finish were so engaging. Loved the way they worked the match. Big Show as the mystery man was such a downer for me to kick off the show. What a wretched decision. I hated most of the undercard – the womens match, the Raw main event, the tag… all poor. The 6 man, the Christian match and the Rey match were all fine.


Thumbs up (slightly)
Best Match – HHH vs. John Cena vs. Randy Orton
Worst Match – Maryse vs. Mickie James

I generally enjoyed the show, but there were definitely points in the show where it seemed to just hit a lull. I thought Jericho’s announcement of The Big Show was a downer, but it was better than where I thought they were going, which was Scott “Evil”, aka the return of Seth Green.

I enjoyed the triple threat match even though the program is beyond stale. The finish was intriguing, but I’m not sure how it builds to anything I want it to see. I give John Cena props for allowing Cody Rhodes to call on him while taking a bump from the RKO, especially with his neck not even being 2 years removed from being worked on.

The 6 man match was the second best match on the card and was fun. I wanted to see Jack Swagger beat up the small people, but it didn’t happen.

I don’t think Dolph Ziggler really had a chance and while he might not have held his own, he didn’t really screw up everything. It just shows you how few people are watching Smackdown these days because it was like they didn’t even know him. And what can you say? Rey is great.

As for the main, the match seemed a slight bit rushed, but the finish was good. Jeff Hardy is the best babyface going right now and the crowd just reacts to the guy.

Big D

Thumbs in the Middle – slightly pointing up
Best Match: Six-Pack Challenge
Worst Match: Michelle vs. Melina

As usual with WWE PPVs, lots of good matches round out the card with very little shenanigans. Hardy/Punk was a decent match but nowhere near what it could’ve been. I did not like that Hardy kicks out of Punk’s finisher and then just pins him with his finisher. I hope Punk gets his win back at Summerslam. The three-way with Hun-TOR, Cena, and Orton was a little more drawn out than the one at Wrestlemania 24, but still a fun match with an awesome finisher. Dolph vs. Rey showed a lot of potential in Dolph and I understand giving Rey the win. Putting Dolph as the semi final really shows you what WWE thinks of him and his future. Christian/Dreamer was decent, nothing more.

Michelle and Melina was garbage and I blame both of them. WWE really needs to consolidate the women belts because this was painful to match. Mickey vs. Maryse was better, but still pretty bad.

My favorite match of the night was without a doubt the 6-Pack Challenge for the US Title. What I loved about this match, specially after they replaced Big Show with Primo, was that it was fast-paced, balls to the walls action, had every guy in the match shine, and told several stories within the match. Primo vs. Carlito continued, Swagger threw a bunch of guys around with his power, MVP looked good, and Kofi got the big win which he needed to solidify him as a champion. Carlito having jealous eyes for Primo was great! This match blew my mind and I was happy.

Overall, if you’re a huge Jeff Hardy or Christian fan, this show is a must-see. Get the DVD when it comes out.

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3 thoughts on “Aftermath – WWE Night of Champions 2009

  1. Michelle vs Melina the worst? Bullshit. Just like this damn review. Suck it, suckas.

  2. Ha! It’s 2009 and you said “Suck it!” I love it.

    Ya, I don’t agree with Michelle vs. Melina being the worst match either, but what are you going to do? People have their opinions.

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