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WWE 2009 The Bash – The Aftermath

After several really good PPVs, the WWE came back to earth a bit. I think I liked the show a bit more than the other guys, but I will admit, it was below their recent efforts.

Here’s the feedback from the FGB crew:


Show overall rating: Thumbs In The Middle

Best Match: Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio
Worst Match: Triple H vs. Randy Orton

Bash was a one match/one angle show. Rey vs. Jericho was my 2nd favourite WWE match this year, absolutely amazing stuff. The Punk/Jeff angle was so damn great. Just absolutely perfectly done for the direction they’re going with Punk. Between this and the subtle angles on the last few Smackdown’s this is the most beautifully crafted character booking they’ve done in years. The finish WAS kind of a sucky way to end a match, but it’s ok because there are going to be rematches and this wasn’t in the main event slot so it didn’t NEED to be a satisfying finish.

Rest of the show was meh. I thought the main event sucked.

Big D

Show overall rating: Thumbs In The Middle Pointing Up

Best Match: Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio
Worst Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. The Great Khali

As has become the norm, WWE delivered another solid PPV in The Bash. It’s tough to really justify a 40 dollar purchase as I don’t believe ANY PPV other than major MMA shows and Wrestlemania are worth that much, but I can’t knock WWE for delivering a handful of great matches on every PPV in 2009 starting with Backlash. I can honestly say that none of the actual wrestling on the show was bad, and while Melina vs. McCool could have been the worst match on the card, it was nowhere NEAR as awful as I expected. In fact, it was pretty decent. Specially when compared to Khali/Ziggler.

I really loved Jericho vs. Rey as they had yet another great match (even though I somewhat predicted the finish), though not quite as fun as the Extreme Rules one. I really hope this feud isn’t over yet because every month delivers another awesome match. I loved the dichotomy of the Canadians vs. The Americans vs. The Puerto Ricans. North American Civil War! When a wrestling company advertises something cool and then gives you MORE – it makes you want to watch them more. Edge and Jericho, the two BEST performers in the entire company today, are now the Unified Tag Team Champions. A Duo of Awesomeness. Jericho working twice on a show = Awesome. Edge making a surprise appearance and working = Awesome. Having them be on all three brands will KICK ASS. Whoever came up with that decision deserves a HUGE bonus.

In addition to that awesomeness, Orton vs. Hunter had the best match they’ve had since the Last Man Standing at No Mercy 2007. Punk vs. Hardy was another awesomely worked match that had a fuck finish, but a creative one! The feud will continue. The ECW Scramble Match was a fine opener and I was surprised Dreamer won, but the way he did was all good in my book. Cena vs. Miz pissed me off because Cena made Miz look like a freaking jobber. I expected it, but was still hoping for more. A Khali vs. Kane feud? Not Awesome.

I said awesome a bunch of times because yes, The Bash was pretty awesome and yet another worthwhile WWE PPV.


Show overall rating: Thumbs Slightly Up

Best Match: Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio
Worst Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. The Great Khali

There were three really good moments on this show and one was an entire match, while the other was a great finish to help continue a heel turn. Rey vs. Jericho continues to be the greatest thing in WWE. This might’ve been the best match of their current feud. I enjoyed the creative finish and their work was just superb.

The finish in the CM Punk and Jeff Hardy match was so good that I actually preferred it to a clean finish. They are really doing this CM Punk heel turn well.

Also, Edge and Chris Jericho as tag team champs is also brilliant. Does it stunt the grown of Legacy a bit? Sure, but the way they are booked as Orton’s henchmen, they weren’t going to be over as tag champs anyway. This way, you have two of the most entertaining guys on either brand, get to be featured on every show.

The rest of the card was so so. The opener was confusing and a cluster. Khali and Diggler was terrible. Cena and Miz was not only boring, but also the worst finish they could’ve done. The main event was solid, but uninspiring. Triple H is losing more and more and needs to turn back heel soon.

It wasn’t the best effort, but it was still a decently entertaining show.

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2 thoughts on “WWE 2009 The Bash – The Aftermath

  1. Big D’s Life-Changing Star Ratings

    – Mark Henry vs. Christian vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Fit Finlay vs.
    Jack Swagger in an ECW Title Scramble Match (**3/4)
    – Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho in a Mask vs. Intercontinental Title Match (***3/4)
    – Great Khali vs. Dolph Ziggler (*)
    – The Puerto Ricans vs. The Canadians vs. The Americans (***1/4)
    – Michelle McCool vs. Melina for the Women’s Title (*3/4)
    – CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy for the World Heavyweight Title (**3/4)
    – John Cena vs. The Miz (*)
    – Randy Orton vs. Triple in a 3 Stages of Hell Match for the WWE Title (***)

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