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Video Vault – More Misawa Masterpieces

Misawa Week continues here on FightGameBlog.

Today we present an awesome match from June 9th, 1995 in Budokan Hall. This is a tag team match for the AJPW All Asian Tag Team Titles as Mitsuharu Misawa and Kenta Kobashi defend against Akira Taue and Toshiaki Kawada. What I loved about this AJPW booking was how things would twist around quickly, and it always made sense. Misawa and Kawada were tag partners for most of 94, feuding with the old regime. Kawada and Taue were feuding since Taue was Baba’s storyline trainee and Kawada and Misawa were school friends. Soon after Misawa got successful, Kawada wanted a piece. So he joined up with his enemy to face Misawa and Kobashi. It wasn’t like a typical WWE “turn” where one guy went from being a good guy to a bad guy and did dastardly things – he just wanted gold and to get out of Misawa’s shadow. Thus, this match happened. This was 40 minutes of orgasmic work.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Easily one of the greatest matches I’ve ever seen.

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