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The Ultimate Fighter Season 9: US Vs. UK – Episode 12

This is the final episode of what’s been an ok season. This Saturday will be the season finale with welterweight and light weight finals and Clay Guida vs. Diego Sanchez, which should be an awesome fight.

Frank Lester has to fight the same guy he lost to in the first round, James Wilks. He still looks like hell though with a terrible black eye.

Dan Henderson wants Frank to keep his punches straight and not loopy.

Lester and Wilks seem to be getting along fairly well before their fight.

At dinner with Team UK, Wilks gets Michael Bisping with the oldest trick in the book. He tells Bisping that he’s going to put a coin on his forehead and he has to slap it off by hitting the back of his head. Of course, Wilks never really put the coin on Bisping’s forehead so he was slapping his head for nothing and did so about 6 times before he figured it out.

The shenanigans didn’t stop there. Andre Winner hit Dean in the face with some food and Dean chased him and threw him into the pool. Andre was very close to hitting his head on the concrete. And then James Faulkner ran up behind him and threw a bag of flour on him which stuck because he was wet.

James Wilks vs. Frank Lester

James is the same man who knocked out all of Frank’s teeth.

James was connecting early with his jab which Frank was just eating. But Frank found some success with a counter left hook and was hurting James with it. Wilks decided to shoot and Frank was doing a really good job at stopping the takedown. Though he did nothing for much of the first half of the round, it’s probably Lester’s round because of the bigger shots.

Frank did a good job blocking Wilks’ punches with his face. His face looks terrible again. Hendo kept trying to get him to go first but he couldn’t beat Wilks to the punch. Wilks looked to have him going, but then Lester went for the takedown. Lester took an absolute beating in the round.

Wilks finished him in the third. Lester was just massacred in the last two rounds. He finished him with knees. Lester was game. I thought he was out at least once or twice, but he stayed in until the knees just did him in.

Winner: James Wilks by 3rd round TKO

It’s Damarques Johnson vs. James Wilks in one final. And Ross Pearson takes on Andre Winner in the other.

If I were Frank, I’d find a new career. He’s tough, but he’s just not good.

Frank says he fought four times in 34 days. That should be against the law.

Hendo says Bisping is an ok guy, but he’s just a douche bag and he wants to beat him up even more. Bisping says he’s going to destroy him.

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  1. You have to respect that guy. I just worry for his health unless he goes to a really good camp and learns how to defend himself.

    Thanks for dropping by!

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