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The Ultimate Fighter Season 9: US Vs. UK – Episode 11

I think we get two semi-final fights tonight. And both are in the lightweight division.

Dan Henderson says that Cameron Dollar wants to bang a little bit, but then should take him down and beat him on the ground. He faces Andre Winner. He hurt his ribs somehow and thinks a body shot might be his undoing in the fight.

The UK guys are making fun of Winner because they think he’s sucks his thumb. He didn’t admit it to the guys, but he admitted it to the cameras.

Winner looks like the favorite as Dollar looks like he’s a bit out of his league.

Andre Winner vs. Cameron Dollar

Dollar is lost on his feet. He’s swinging for the fences and completely off balanced. He worked the takedown and finally got it, but fell right into what became a triangle choke. He had zero defense for it and tapped.

Winner: Andre Winner by way of 1st round submission

Ross is fighting Jason Dent next. Ross’ shoulder popped out on a takedown and he was writing on the mat in pain until Bisping popped it back in. He says it happens from time to time.

Dana White didn’t think Dent’s win was impressive. Dent says he’s the healthiest of the guys left.

Ross Pearson vs. Jason Dent

This was such a weird round. Dent would come forward and throw a punch and then back off, cover up, and Ross would push him into the cage and tee off. Hendo was screaming at Dent to take him down to win the round, but Dent wouldn’t listen. Near the end of the round, he started to get more aggressive, but not enough to win the round.

It was a good round for both guys, but Dent took too much punishment. He was scoring with knees to the body, but would make a mistake and then take shots. Near the end of the round, he went for the takedown, didn’t get it, and ended on his back taking shots.

Dent took a beating in the third round. Ross kept pounding on him and Dent was in turtle position for most of the round.

Winner: Ross Pearson by way of unanimous decision

Dana says that Dent put on a great performance. Dent says he hopes the UFC brings him back. It’s an all UK final in the lightweight division.

Next week is the last semi-final bout to determine who fights in the welterweight finals.

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