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The Ultimate Fighter Season 9: US Vs. UK – Episode 10

We’re in the semifinals now.

Bisping and Henderson know what they want for the semifinals, and they agree on the welterweights, but disagree on the lightweights.

Cameron Dollar wants to fight his own teammate in Jason Dent and Bisping doesn’t want to have Team UK fight Team UK. Dana wants it to happen because he wants USA vs. UK in the finals.

The match-ups are as follows:

Nick Osipczak vs. Damarques Johnson
Andre Winner vs. Cameron Dollar
Ross Pearson vs. Jason Dent
James Wilks vs. Frank Lester

Pierce is talking smack about Team USA again. And he’s challenging Richie to gain weight and fight him. Wow. He’s even more of a pussy than anyone ever thought.

Damarques (whose name I’ve been spelling incorrectly for most of the season) says he’s the best guy left in the competition. He says he’s going to hurt Nick’s feelings.

Pierce is a liar too. He told Hendo that he wasn’t talking about his team with Team UK when he very much was. He told Faulkner about DaMarques earlier in the show.

Bisping says that Nick wants to keep the fight on the feet.

Damarques Johnson vs. Nick Osipczak

It was a back and forth first round. Early on, Nick was kicking Damarques’ front leg and he wasn’t checking them. He also looked better with his punches. Damarques was just walking straight with very little body or head movement. Then Damarques got the takedown and held Nick down for much of the rest of the round. But that was until they were back on their feet and Nick just started unloading on him. There was at least one time in which I thought Damarques was out, but he came back and even caught Nick at the end.

If round two is scored correctly, it’s clearly a 10-8 round for Damarques. He stayed in Nick’s guard for a lot of the round but then had side control and just came down with about 40 punches or so that Nick didn’t really answer. He blocked some, but he didn’t really fight back. Bisping was calling for the ref to take a point away for hitting on the back of the head.

Nick is exhausted. His mouth piece is visibly being pushed out of his mouth by his heavy breathing. Damarques was standing up with him despite Hendo yelling at him to take him down, which he finally did. Damarques got the mount and then Nick’s back, but Nick switched position and it was he on top of Damarques and sitting in his guard. Bisping was yelling at him to finish the fight because he was losing on points.

Winner: Damarques Johnson by way of unanimous decision

Damarques says he may have bit a piece of his tongue off.

Both lightweight fights will happen next week.

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