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Strikeforce: Lawler Vs. Shields Play By Play

They did an awesome video to open the show. They need to put more of these together and get them out there. This might be the first hype I’ve seen for the show.

Gus Johnson, Frank Shamrock, and Mauro Ranello are the broadcast team.

1. Mike Whitehead vs. Kevin Randleman

“Iron” Mike Whitehead is facing MMA’s version of “Iron” Mike Tyson. Well, at least from a size and craziness standpoint.

Randleman looked terrible. Whitehead outwrestled him the entire round, taking him down four times. Randleman had one takedown. Whitehead also hit him at will. The only thing Randleman is doing well is not allowing Whitehead to pass on the ground.

The second round wasn’t much better for him. Whitehead took him down and kept him in side control for the first half. Randleman got out of it and actually landed an uppercut, but that was it. Whitehead’s up 2-0.

Randleman knocked Whitedown down and went for hammer fists on the ground. He wasn’t able to do anything and Whitehead got back up and controlled him again. It’s easily Whitehead’s fight.

Winner: Mike Whitehead by unanimous decision

2. Joe Riggs vs. Phil Baroni

Baroni is ripped at 170.

Riggs took Baroni down near the start of the round and had a rear naked choke. He couldn’t keep Baroni down, but took him down again. Baroni ended up on top by the end of the round.

The second round was strong. Riggs started to open up with his strikes and Baroni was looking for the takedowns. He finally got it, but it was more so Riggs not wanting to fight it and they were already down so he pulled guard. He had Baroni in a triangle near the end of the round and it looked to be over, but then he threw a punch at Baroni’s head that seemed to help Baroni get dislodged.

Baroni took an amazing beating. Riggs opened up an ugly hematoma over Baroni’s left eye. He hit Baroni with punches, kicks, and knees over and over again. It’s the best I’ve ever seen Riggs.

Winner: Joe Riggs by unanimous decision

Riggs said that he broke both of his hands. He said that he had the flu and was really emotional during the interview.

Mauro Ranello announced that Gina Carano and Cris Cyborg would be fighting on August 15th. Also, Gilbert Melendez and Josh Thomson will have their rematch on that date as well. I’m going to guess that’s in San Jose.

3. Scott Smith vs. Nick Diaz

It was a really good first round. It looked like Diaz was going to pick Smith apart. He was hitting him at will with punches. Then Smith started to get comfortable and was finding his range with his right hand. They both took each other down as well. Someone’s going to get knocked out.

Diaz gave Smith a beating. Smith took so many punches to the face, it’s really unbelievable that he didn’t go down. Diaz doesn’t really have a lot on most of the punches, but his fists battered Smith. Smith had troubles getting back to his corner at the end of the round.

In the third, Smith was done. He was out of gas. He went down easily, gave up his back, and immediately submitted to the rear naked choke.

Winner: Nick Diaz by way of 3rd round submission

That’s two insane beatings Smith has taken in his last two fights. And he won one of them.

Diaz outstruck Smith nearly four to one.

4. Brett Rogers vs. Andrei Arlovski

This is a huge step up in competition for Rogers. Arlovski has former heavyweight champion Michael Moorer in his corner.

They feinted at each other for a bit and then Rogers just exploded. He cornered Arlovski and threw a left right combination and made Arlovski go out before Big John stopped the fight.

Winner: Brett Rogers by way of 1st round TKO

That was impressive.

5. Jake Shields vs. Robbie Lawler

Frank Shamrock says Lawler is too big and he thinks Lawler is going to mash him.

Ok, this fight was a bit crazy. It was quite obvious that Shields was going to struggle with Lawler’s overall strength. Lawler just looked too strong, but Lawler’s patience actually worked against him. Lawler backed Shields into the cage and Shields sunk in the guillotine and dropped to his back and criss-crossed his feet behind Lawler and choked him out. Lawler tried to get out of it by standing up, but it didn’t work.

Winner: Jake Shields by way of 1st round decision

During the interview, Shields called out Cung Le for a chance to take his middleweight belt.

Photo of Riggs/Baroni by Strikeforce PR

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