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More Name Changes for Upcoming WWE PPVs

WWE has changed the names of two more of their upcoming PPVs.

As was reported by the various news sites, this Sunday’s PPV, now titled “The Bash” was originally titled “The Great American Bash” and was in July. In addition we learned that September’s “Unforgiven” PPV has been changed to “WWE Breaking Point” and is now a submission-themed PPV where we assume that the matches can only be won via submission (which will likely blow chunks).

We’ve learned today from wwe.com that two more PPVs are undergoing a name change. Early October’s No Mercy PPV (scheduled for October 4th) has now become “WWE Hell In A Cell” and yes, it is as we feared – an all Hell In A Cell PPV. Let’s just kill THIS gimmick match like we did our regular cage match why don’t we! WWE planned a Randy Orton vs. Triple H (groan) Hell In a Cell match as one of the main events of this year’s Summerslam show, but will they still do it now that they’re going to have an ALL HIAC show?

In addition, the October 25th Cyber Sunday PPV is apparently done-for. Now the show will be called “WWE Annihilation”. One can assume the voting gimmick has been put to rest.

While I am happy to see some of these changes, some just make my head ache. Cyber Sunday was a failed concept that should’ve been dumped years ago, and if you look at the dwindling buyrates for that show, you’d agree. WWE Annihilation sounds like a regular run-of-the-mill B-PPV show, which is really no different than Cyber Sunday except that it won’t have the “interactive” gimmick.

The Hell in A Cell show will excite some fans, but to me, it’s a horrible idea. It’s bad enough that WWE has a no blood policy currently in effect, but how often can you do a Hell in a Cell match where you don’t start reusing spots until they become played out? Foley fell off the top and through the cage, Edge went through the side door, Batista used a chain on Triple H, what ELSE can you possibly do inside of that structure that hasn’t been done? So we may have to sit through Maryse inside the Cell on PPV? This is a ridiculous idea that will kill the gimmick. Sure, skeptics will say “but D, TNA does an all cage PPV”. Yeah, and since when has TNA had a good idea? Then there’s the “UFC takes place in a cage” argument, which is laughable in every sense of the word. Will the show do good business? I’m going to assume that it will, but I think it will hurt WWE in the long run.

Maybe they should change Armageddon’s name to WWE No Buys.

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12 thoughts on “More Name Changes for Upcoming WWE PPVs

  1. Next thing you know, the fed will have a PPV where every match DOESN’T take place in the ring.

    WWE Backstage Assault.

  2. These shows will draw on curiosity the first time, especially the Hell In A Cell show. It will be very similar to the No Way Out Chamber match shows. The key there though is a shot at Mania.

    They have a lot of work to do in getting submissions over. Taker’s and Cena’s are over I guess. But who else even uses a hold?

  3. you’re a moron, not every match at the hell in a cell ppv takes place in the cell…just the main events do.

  4. People sure love calling names in the internet. Come on guys, let’s be a little classier than that. If you have inside knowledge that we don’t (and I’m not so sure you’re right), then report it, don’t name call. It’s childish.

  5. look i really dont care the only reason i watch wwe is because of John Cena i mean hes actually a really nice guy in real life

  6. Watching wrestling because somebody is a nice guy?

    I’m sure Nicholas Cage is a nice guy – but his movies are horrible.

    Same goes for Will Ferrell.

  7. Dude, you are the worst troll on your own posts. The kid likes John Cena. He didn’t say it’s the main reason he watches. He just said he seems like a nice guy.

  8. “He didn’t say it’s the main reason he watches.”

    No, he didn’t say it was the main reason, he said it’s the ONLY reason he watches. Here is the quote:

    “only reason i watch wwe is because of John Cena”

  9. And what’s wrong with that? He didn’t say the only reason he likes WWE is because John Cena is nice.

    Read my brother. Read.

  10. First you say “The kid likes John Cena. He didn’t say it’s the main reason he watches.”

    No, he said it’s the ONLY reason, regardless of him being nice or not.

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