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Last Minute Preview – Joshua Clottey vs. Miguel Cotto

I asked Duan, one of the two biggest boxing fans who writes for FGB, a couple of questions about the fight between Joshua Clottey and Miguel Cotto. He responded with some good stuff, so here’s our last minute preview for the fight.

Here were my two questions: “Miguel Cotto isn’t a big welterweight and Clottey has size. Will size be a big factor or not? And do you think losing the Margarito fight (and now we don’t know if it was even on the level with Margarito) is still in Cotto’s head or is he over it?”

Duan has responded.

All things considered, Miguel Cotto should win this fight by decision. Cotto is just a better all rounder. He can box and he can fight, and he is damn good at doing both. He is an excellent precision puncher, he has a good work rate, and he throws some of the best body shots in boxing. I think he just has more ways to win this fight. This guy is an awesome talent. I honestly think that some people have forgotten that since the Margarito fight.

Now about that loss. I’m going to disregard the whole hand wraps thing for a moment because we really don’t know the truth in that situation. But the thing which I most remember about that fight is the growing look of disillusionment in Cotto’s eyes when he couldn’t deter Margaritio from pressing forward. I can recall Manny Steward saying right from the opening rounds that Miguel won’t be able to run from him all night, and at some point he is going to have to take him on and back him up. I just wonder if that will be the same thing here.

Clottey is firstly a big powerful welterweight, and secondly he is a really durable fighter. He has never been stopped in his career or even looked to be in serious danger. I don’t expect Cotto to stop him either. You have to remember that Clottey also lost to Margarito, but he took him to the decision and actually caused him a fair few problems along the way. I just wonder how that loss affected Cotto psychologically. I wonder will he start looking forlorn if he can’t put a dent in Clottey’s defenses? If Clottey continues to walk through his shots round after round will doubts start creeping in?

Miguel showed no ill effects in his return fight against Jennings, but he was able to bully Jennings and physically overwhelm him. This will be the true test of whether he has put that fight behind him. Make no mistake about it; Clottey is a top top welterweight. If Cotto wins here he is ready to go back in with the divisions best whether it be Pacquiao, Mayweather or a rematch with Mosley. I still believe that Cotto at his best can beat Pacquiao. I always thought Cotto would go on to be the pound for pound number one in the world from when I first started watching him. Maybe he still can.

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