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Friday Night Fights – Efren Hinojosa Vs. Robert Guerrero

Robert Guerrero has been receiving a ton of flack for telling a referee in his last fight that he couldn’t see after taking a head butt which opened up a cut. In the boxing game, it’s a near crime to not continue a fight unless you are simply unable.

What’s interesting to me is that Guerrero was butted and it was still his responsibility to fight with a cut that was because of the irresponsibility of the other fighter. But that’s just the way the fight game is. You have a responsibility to your fans and the people who paid in the building to put on the best show possible. And when he didn’t tell the referee that he could fight without a doubt, he was roundly criticized.

This is his chance at redemption in a sense. He’s fighting in front of a San Jose crowd, which is just 20 miles north of his hometown Gilroy, CA.

Efren Hinojosa vs. Robert Guerrero

Teddy Atlas thinks Guerrero will be able to score with the straight left and right hook. Good round for Guerrero. He stood right in front of Hinojosa and just waited for him to throw a shot and he answered back. Atlas also said that Guerrero never really tries to land his jab. He just uses it to throw his left behind.

Great round by Guerrero. Hinojosa did land his best shot so far with a wide right hand. But Guerrero probably outlanded him at least five to one. He knocked Hinojosa off balanced once and continually caught him with left hands. It wasn’t 10-8 because there wasn’t a knockdown, but it was domination.

Another dominant round for Guerrero. He went to the body a bit more in the round, but Hinojosa can’t get his hands up quickly enough after throwing punches which leads to Guerrero having target practice with his face. At one point, Guerrero landed a shot while Hinojosa wasn’t ready at all and it was like the punch surprised him.

Good round, but not as dominating as the past two. He looked to be wanting to go to the body even more than in the last round. He started to pick it up later in the round with the power shots.

Guerrero seemed to get a bit frustrated in the round, throwing a couple of shots to the back and being warned. He still controlled the entire round and had his way, but at this point I think the fans are looking for him to put Hinojosa down, which looked like it could happen in the second or third round.

Guerrero picked up the heat a bit late in the round and seemed to hit Hinojosa harder than any round since round 2.

Guerrero hit him with some nice power shots, but is the one bleeding because of a head butt. Another fairly dominant round.

Hinojosa’s face is starting to look badly. Seven rounds of punishment has absolutely caught up to him. And it’s not going to get any better. Guerrero is pitching a shut out.

Hinojosa had to retire because of an injury to his elbow. The fight is over.

Winner: Robert Guerrero by way of 8th round TKO

Guerrero says he wants a fight with Juan Diaz. Wow. Diaz might be too fast.

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2 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights – Efren Hinojosa Vs. Robert Guerrero

  1. I was watching this last night, but it was on real late here. I thought after about 5 or 6 rounds that it was going to go to the cards for a completely one sided decision. So i switched off and went to sleep.

    I would like to see that fight with Diaz

  2. I think he would’ve been quite happy with the decision. He rocked Hinojosa a few times and I would’ve loved to see him go for blood, especially when he got cut from the butt again.

    In the the 8th, he probably had him going a bit but still, he didn’t really go for blood. If Hinojosa didn’t hurt his arm, it would’ve either gone for decision, or the ref would’ve stopped it because Hinojosa was taking a ton of shots.

    I’m glad he won, but disappointed that he didn’t go for the KO.

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