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Boxing Tidbits – Cotto, Mayweather, Pacquiao, And Marquez

The two major stories coming out of the Miguel Cotto victory over Joshua Clottey (our play by play of the fight is here) concern the four men named in the title of this post.

Mayweather/Marquez Postponed
I first learned about this on F4W/Wrestling Observer and immediately wondered what HBO was going to do with all that 24/7 footage that they were showing us after the Cotto/Clottey fight, with Money Mayweather in a suit throwing money in the ring.

Mayweather suffered a rib injury, but skeptics think that low ticket sales is also part of the reason for the postponement.

Our good friend Tim Starks from The Queensberry Rules had this to say:

If this fight isn’t selling, can everyone who admires Mayweather for his money-making and “business” skills as opposed to his actual in-ring performances and opponent choices please, please, go to the emergency room and have themselves de-superglued from his jock? Especially since Mayweather chose his opponent so poorly if what he wanted was a 60-40 share against Manny Pacquiao down the line; Mayweather overruled advisor Al Haymon when he wanted to be on pay-per-view instead of regular HBO, and now he’s dug himself quite a hole. Mayweather being a good “businessman” is a myth, because you can only get away so long with getting paid highly for taking few risks, and that chicken has, it seems, come to roost.

I can completely understand Tim’s take on Mayweather and I agree that a huge HBO fight would’ve been a better idea than a so-so PPV. While Mayweather/De La Hoya was going to do huge business anyway, I believe it was Mayweather’s awesome heel persona that took the fight from great business to outstanding business. Is he bullet proof in marketing his fights? Of course not. He’s the type of fighter who is going to need help in drawing because of the things that Tim just stated. He’s not seen as a fan favorite because of his lack of risk taking and thus, it hurts his drawing power.

Will Pacquiao Now Move On To Cotto?
With Mayweather’s fight with Marquez being pushed (and we don’t know yet if it will still happen, but let’s assume), it looks like Manny Pacquiao might move on to Miguel Cotto for a fight in November. SC at Bad Left Hook talks about a potential Cotto/Pac-man fight, including a possible issues on what weight Freddie Roach will ask Cotto to get down to, and a very early prediction, if that fight does take place.

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4 thoughts on “Boxing Tidbits – Cotto, Mayweather, Pacquiao, And Marquez

  1. This gonna be the biggest fight of 2009. After this fight there will be lots of rumors will come out who will be the next. I’m gonna watch this fight for sure.

  2. At last the Pacquiao vs Mayweather mega fight that everybody wanted to see for now is finally dead due to some blood feud. Well, the fighters have changed but the game remains the same. Pacquiao fights clottey and mayweather face mosley. Mayweather vs Mosley is certainly worth watching. If Mayweather defeats Shane Mosley a lot of people (even though they hate to admit it) will have to respect him more. If Mosley beats Mayweather, oh boy, it’s open season, and let the hate rain down.

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