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Astronomical Rating for WWE Raw – but Why? Let us know!

Monday’s historic commercial-free edition of WWE Monday Night Raw scored it’s highest rating in quite some time – 4.5. While a part of me is happy for WWE and I’m sure people are doing cartwheels at Titan Tower, I feel they failed to put on a blowaway show. If I have to watch another boring Big Show vs. John Cena match again, I think I may just drop WWE altogether. Orton vs. Triple H was another lackluster match, but nowhere near as terrible as the Wrestlemania match. Still – other than a couple of fun angles – I don’t think the show succeeded in drawing people back next week.

When I think about it, there are numerous reasons as to why the show did such a good number, but I’m not really sure what really pushed it that high. The show had a series of pay-per-view caliber matches in terms of booking (in fact a lot were rematches from the past couple of PPVs and Wrestlemania) as well as the presence of WWE superstars from all three brands. However, the main draw of the show was that it was the first (and we would find out last) night with Donald Trump as the “Owner of Raw”. They did a big press conference and whatnot to build up hype for the show and perhaps that popped the rating and got most of the casual audience to watch.

Therefore, a number of theories pop up as to why this show was so successful in terms of viewership:

– Commercial Free Aspect
– Because of the presence of all three brands
– Because of Orton vs. Triple H on Free TV
– Curiosity views from people who thought Trump bought Raw legitimately
– Other

So us here at FightGameBlog want to hear from YOU – the readership. We appreciate each and every one of you who check out our little site that could and want to hear your thoughts. Tell us what YOU think helped Raw get a 4.5 and why. To answer, click the little comment button underneath this post and let us know! When you click it, it will ask you for your name, e-mail, and website (if you have one) as well as a blank box. Feel free to fill in what you think and let us know (and don’t worry – e-mails are kept private).

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9 thoughts on “Astronomical Rating for WWE Raw – but Why? Let us know!

  1. I’m flabbergasted by the Raw rating also, I didn’t think the show deserved the rating it got but my guess Donald Trump “buying raw” intrigued people

  2. Well, people are creatures of habit, they usually go surfing around during the breaks, there were no breaks.

  3. Cool Cool – Two good theories. Is Donald really that big on a pop radar?

    Paul – If it were 2000, I’d agree 100%. But with that crappy, boring show, they gave people tons of time to switch it off.

  4. A combination of weak summer programming on the bigger networks(repeats and crappy shows) and people flipping though and seeing Trump wondering what the fuck is going on. Plus both the NHL and NBA playoffs are over so there was basically zero sports competition.

  5. Good point Matt

    As for GG – if you are right and the real number comes out any lower than 4, WWE will be in tears

  6. I can kind of see a few things happening.

    They booked the show as important. It was advertised fairly well. Let’s say that’s worth .1. Vince McMahon in his first real appearance back is always good for a couple points. Let’s say he’s worth .2. Let’s say Donald Trump is worth .2.

    That’s still only .5 points and I can’t see how that rating shot up a full point. The lack of commercial breaks would’ve meant nothing to me as a viewer. The thing that kept me watching was Vince’s comedy.

    So I’m still suspicious. I’m looking forward to seeing the breakdowns.

  7. My theory is that it’s, of course, a combination of those factors. Much like any one of the “special” Raw episodes that get 3 hours, people tune expecting something huge to happen. The draw is that they don’t know what the hell that could possibly be.

    So in this case, you have an episode with the opportunity to be taken in a completely different direction than ever before with Trump in the driver seat. And truth be told, they started out doing good things. It felt like a nice shake up, which is always good for business. Whenever they have someone in a position of control that isn’t necessarily a “part of the business” (Adamle, Vicky, now Trump) it gives them free reign to book with outlandish ideas. So that potential, I believe, kept people hooked too.

    Also take into account the fact that Main Event took place at the end of the first hour. A main event that should have, by all means, headlined this transitional PPV. So I figure people, myself included, were feeling “hell, if they put this on now then something Even Bigger just has to happen!”

    I’ve had people who know how much of a dirty smark I am ask me if the Trump buyout was legit as well, so there was some basic intrigue and curiosity that bubbled up for casuals in that respect.

    But yeah, overall, I share feelings with the people here. The show did not live up to the hype for the most part. Smackdown, once again, sadly, had some of the more interesting bits on a Raw show. I honestly can’t believe they weren’t ballsy enough to let the angle pan out for at least a few weeks. Which makes it seem like the ultimately jumped the gun in the first place. I don’t know, maybe it’s a part of an Even Larger angle. We’ll see I suppose.

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