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The Ultimate Fighter Season 9: US Vs. UK – Episode 9

With Pierce gone, they’re going to have to bring in a new guy or guy who previously lost to fight. I think this is the last week of the preliminary fights.

It looks like Mark Miller might be the guy. Or toothless Frank Lester.

Pierce lied to his teammates about what Dana told him about fighting. He made it seem like Dana didn’t let him to fight because of his leg.

Lester was cleared to fight, but Miller wasn’t because of his broken nose. Lester is a huge welterweight.

Dan Henderson says that his team has been doing the early practice the entire time and wants to change so that his team gets the later practice and can sleep in. Bisping says it’s unfair to change during the last week and wants to have it up for grabs in the next fight, which coincidentally features his best fighter. Henderson says it’s not really fair and Bisping decided that he’d talk it over with his team. Bisping was a major prick.

Bisping’s team says they won’t change and they go to tell Henderson. Bisping and DeMarques have words and then later, as they are about to lineup to announce the fight, Bisping squirts water in his face. DeMarques throws his hat at him. He says it’s because he made a racist statement about him being whiter than a band-aid, but it wasn’t really him who said it. It was Dollar. And plus, are band-aids white?

Bisping went to apologize and DeMarques didn’t want it. He needed to calm down.

It’s Dave Faulkner vs. Frank Lester. Let’s hope Faulkner doesn’t gag on his mouthpiece.

Team USA got their wish and Team UK has to train early.

Faulkner has to see a hypnotherapist to see if he can get over his gag reflex. Lester’s worried about getting his face hit and just not being able to finish. He says if he can overcome this, it will make him feel like a man.

David Faulkner vs. Frank Lester

It was an interesting first round. Faulkner was trying to set up the takedown by using his striking and then shooting. Lester had it scoped out pretty well, though he did take some big shots. Faulkner got one takedown but Lester stood up pretty quickly. Faulker looked gassed. You can’t tell if the mouthpiece is giving him any trouble.

At the beginning of the round, Faulkner spit out his mouthpiece and they made him put it back in. Faulkner looks terrible. If Lester could throw straight punches with any sort of authority, he could have this guy. Both guys are really tired. With about a minute left, Faulkner jogged around the cage just to get in position to put his hands on his knees. What a sloppy and crappy fight.

Faulkner doesn’t want to go back out there for round three. He quits on the stool because of his fear of mouthpieces. We have seen it all.

Winner: Frank Lester by way of 2nd round TKO

Dana puts Frank over for having more heart.

Bisping is pissed, as he rightly should be.

Faulkner says that he might become a pro wrestler. Let’s hope they don’t give him the Kurt Angle gimmick and give him a mouthpiece.

Bisping tells the guys he has left in the tournament to suck it up and that they have a great chance to win.

Next week, Richie talks trash to Jason Pierce. I saw Richie in Las Vegas at UFC 98 and that dude is tiny.

Also, they tease that Dana may switch it up in the semi-finals and make teammates fight teammates.

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