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The Ultimate Fighter Season 9: US Vs. UK – Episode 8

Jason Pierce says he’s getting staph in his foot.

David Faulkner can’t keep his mouth piece in his mouth because he keeps gagging on it.

Dan Henderson took Team USA out to play ultimate frisbee, which was great for team morale according to the team.

Pierce is trying to make up excuses to not have to fight and his teammates are calling him on it. Hendo thinks he needs to cheer up and show some enthusiasm.

Santino says that Pierce won’t respond to his teammates. He says he also eats whatever he cooks, which bothers him because he won’t talk to him, but he’ll eat his food.

Hendo chooses Jason Dent from Team USA to fight Jeff Lawson from Team UK.

Dent doesn’t like being in the house either. He and Pierce seem to be buddies in grumpiness.

Hendo says that Dent doesn’t really like to push to get better at his weaknesses. He says he shuts down in practice when you yell at him.

Team UK had a pro wrestling match with two of the guys wearing lucha masks and Lawson wearing donkey ears. One of the guys suplexed the other off the diving board.

Lawson says he’s looking for the arm bar.

Dana is going to talk to Pierce about his staph. Before he goes inside to talk to Dana, Hendo tells him to liven up. Dana asks him if he’s going to fight, and he basically tells him the story about his leg. He tells him that mentally he can fight, but physically he’s beat. Dana says he doesn’t want to fight, but he’s going to give him until Tuesday.

Hendo thinks he needed to show Dana that he wanted to fight.

Jeff Lawson vs. Jason Dent

Dent took him down but it was him falling to his back with Lawson on top of him. He was immediately reversed. He stayed on top of him for the rest of the round, but there wasn’t much action.

Lawson was either spent or he was playing possum. He put his hands at his side a couple times and then would throw a knee. Dent noticed he was gassed and finished him. Dent choked him out by anaconda choke.

Winner: Jason Dent by 2nd round submission

Dana says that he should’ve smelled blood and went after him once he saw that he was tired and said it wasn’t an impressive victory.

Dana tells Pierce that he’s not going to fight. He says that if Pierce came to him and told him that he wanted it badly, he would’ve let him fight. He also says that it’s his opinion that Pierce saw the competition and didn’t think he was good enough, which made it easier to quit.

Next week is going to be a good show. Bisping and DeMarques Johnson get after it a bit and it looks like there’s going to be a good fight.

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