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Pacquiao/Hatton 24/7 – Episode 4

Roger Mayweather says Hatton needs to keep the head movement and he’ll be able to take out Pacquiao.

Floyd Sr. says that Roger’s son reminds him of Floyd Jr. and is the next Mayweather coming up.

Roach says that he’s confident that his fighter is ready and he’s the best because he always fights to the game plan.

Hatton says he’s happy to see his fiance, but he really wants to get to his fight and worry about nothing else.

He doesn’t want his son Campbell to be at the fight because he could get knocked out at any time and he doesn’t want his son to have to go through that.

Floyd Sr. says that he’s excited for the fight because with the shape his boxer is in, he knows he’s going to win, because he’s the best trainer.

Roach says he’s not a father, but his relationship with Pac is like a father/son one. He calls Pacquiao his favorite guy who he trains.

There wasn’t nearly enough press conference footage.

The fight is on tonight and we’ll be back here live with coverage of Hatton/Pacquiao.

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