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Money Mayweather And Brian Kenny Spar A Few Rounds

I’m not sure exactly what Money May’s point is in this promotional interview, since he didn’t really promote his fight with Juan Manuel Marquez, other than maybe shaping his skills as playing the bad guy. Brian Kenny more than holds his own.

Mayweather had two fair points. He fought De La Hoya at DLH’s fighting weight and beat him, and was also the first one to stop Ricky Hatton. Also, he’s being questioned for fighting a smaller fighter in Juan Manuel Marquez, but Pacquiao is also smaller than he is and people want to see that fight.

A smaller point that was nearly right on is that a fight between he and Shane Mosely won’t necessarily be worth the risk because without De La Hoya, Mosley’s not a big draw. Marquez might not be either, but he’s not as risky. Mayweather didn’t necessarily say it that way because he can’t, but that’s almost surely what he meant.

Mayweather is a complete contradiction, but his stance seems really clear. He’s not going to be the hunter. He wants to be the hunted. But Manny Pacquiao also wants to be the hunted. That being said, I can’t believe they don’t make that fight when it’s the right time. There’s way too much money to be made.

Here’s the ESPN piece:

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3 thoughts on “Money Mayweather And Brian Kenny Spar A Few Rounds

  1. I don’t give Mayweather much credit for choosing the less risky opponent (Marquez) between two guys (the other being Mosley) who aren’t major pay-per-view draws. In fact, I think the Mosley fight would be a bigger pay-per-view draw. People have been wanting that fight for, what, a decade? And it’s a fight that is more credible and competitive. I know Marquez brings the Mexican fans, but for some reason he still doesn’t bring as many as he ought to.

    At any rate, that’s one of the big problems with Floyd — he doesn’t want to challenge himself. Given a choice between beating an opponent he knows he can beat more easily and beating an opponent against whom he could win more esteem, he takes the easier route 100 percent of the time since late 2002.

  2. Well, I’m not sure it draws that much more, and it’s a far riskier fight. That was my point. Floyd is undefeated for a reason and he cherishes that record.

    However, if he has a list and Cotto’s and Mosley are on it, I’m fine with him taking on Marquez first. If he avoids Cotto and Mosley, then you’re completely right.

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