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Manny Pacquiao Vs. Ricky Hatton Live Play By Play

We’ll have live play by play when the big fight happens. I will keep everyone updated with how the undercard is going, though I probably won’t have the round by round.

Our own Duan says that he’s been talking to some very smart boxing people who are leaning towards Ricky Hatton right now. Well, that happens a lot as fights get closer. But I wonder if there’s something to it?

Word to Aubrey and Christal who both sent me the new Manny Pacquiao song. I wonder if Pac’s fans will chant this like Hatton’s fans chant the Ricky Hatton song?

The Trackrunners “Pound For Pound” Manny Pacquiao Song from Jon Santos on Vimeo.

We’ll be back in a few hours. It will soon be fight time y’all.

We’re back!

1. Chris Gray vs. Erislandy Lara

Gray’s nickname is “Classy”. Hmm, not sure I’d want that to be my boxing name unless I was really really good.

Well, that was a complete mismatch. Lara just used Gray as a punching bag. He connected on over 100 punches in the four round fight while Gray barely made any contact whatsoever. Gray lived up to his nickname though, in defeat.

Winner: Erislandy Lara by unanimous decision

2. Anthony Bartinelli vs. Matvey Korobov

This was another terrible mismatch. Just a completely different class of fighters.

Korobov caught Bartinelli on his heels and threw a straight left that nearly rearranged his grill. It didn’t go much longer.

Winner: Matvey Korobov by 2nd round TKO

3. Michael Walker vs. Daniel Jacobs

Walker was game, but Jacobs was just too fast and strong for him. Walker tried to rough him up a bit because that’s the way he was able to survive. It would’ve been nice to see Jacobs get a little more physical and take it to him, but he fought his fight and it was a clear and easy victory.

Winner: Daniel Jacobs by unanimous decision

4. Benoit Gaudin vs. Humberto Soto

I didn’t get to pay attention to this one as much as I wanted to, but it looks like Soto just outclassed him. By the 9th round, Gaudet was just wobbling around before it was stopped. Soto put him down once in the first and once in the ninth.

Winner: Humberto Soto by way of 9th round TKO

5. Manny Pacquiao vs. Ricky Hatton

Tom Jones’ dad was just in the ring singing.

Big Dave Batista walked down the aisle. He made Pacquiao look like a child by size comparison.

On our poll, Pacquaio got 137 votes while Hatton received 66.

Pacquiao is already showing that he’s quicker than Hatton and he’s making Hatton look slow. Pacquiao dropped him with a left hook as Hatton lunged in and he’s landing at will. This fight could be over quickly. Hatton goes down again from a barrage of punches. If there’s a 10-7 round in boxing, this was it.

Hatton isn’t showing any of his new defensive skills and he’s lunging and trying to land punches, which just plays right into Manny’s hands.

Pacquiao is landing brutal combinations and Hatton is trying to land one punch. He’s trying to move his head and deke Pac and coming straight into straight punches from Pac. Give credit to Hatton for staying in there, but unless he’s able to load up, this isn’t going to be a happy ending.

Just as I said that, Hatton walked into a left hook a few seconds before the end of the round and he is knocked out completely. He doesn’t know where he is. The Pac-man chopped down the Hitman.

Winner: Manny Pacquiao by 2nd round TKO

I don’t want to say that Hatton foreshadowed his own loss, but during the last 24/7, he said he didn’t want his son Campbell watching the fight live because at any point in boxing, you could get knocked out. That’s exactly what happened.

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31 thoughts on “Manny Pacquiao Vs. Ricky Hatton Live Play By Play

  1. I’ve definitely tapped into other avenues of enjoyment, though it’s easier to keep an eye on those means while game seven is at halftime. I hope the fight goes long and the game doesn’t!

  2. Now that is what i wanted to see Matt do. Good work, he came to put on a show tonight

  3. If you’re interested, Chicago has closed the gap to 7 at the end of the 3rd. At the end of the half they were down almost twice as much.

  4. Jacobs fought a smart fight. Walker gets credit in my book for staying in it even though he was being outstruck. I can’t see anything but unanimous for Jacobs on all the cards.

  5. We’re at round 5 out of a possible 12 right now Thao.

    As for Hatton, he needs a deal for bucket hats.

  6. Yep, Hatton fought a terrible fight, and Manny picked him apart. It was the same fighter that Floyd picked apart. I’m not sure what difference Floyd Sr. made.

    He was who we thought he was.

  7. I said before that neither fighter would have their career hurt by this fight. I may need to retract that. Pac’s fame was already on the rise when he fought De La Hoya, and with that crushing win it should truly skyrocket. Hatton on the other hand… wow… doubtful he’ll have another top level fight for a while after that we can be excited about, and that’s a shame.

  8. I said the same thing Stevie J.

    Hatton needs a career reconstruction in the US after this fight.

  9. After this fight…pacquiao has to b mentioned with the greats…im still dumbfounded…wat do u guys think about mayweather marquez…how great would a marquez pacqiao III be

  10. Hatton may have suffered brain damage. What a rape. Pacquiao was so unbelievably fast though. If hes not faster than Floyd, he’s pretty close. When they fight in the winter – that will be a WAR. I can’t even picture the speed shown there.

  11. Brian, I don’t think you could go wrong with either fight. My worry now is that Pacquiao might just be too big and strong for Marquez. Where’d the power come from? But I’d love to see Mayweather and Pac. That’s the best of class right there.

  12. No question, but if pac man beats mayweather…how close does pac man come to bein the greatest of all time…that’s gonna b the equivalent of ali frazier…who knows maybe we can get a cotto mosley two if he beats clottey…settin up a cotto pacquiao next year

  13. Check out the poll on the site.

    Roach says he may not wait for Mayweather. Which fight do you want to see most next?

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