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Major Problems in the Near Future for WWE

WWE is in deep shit.

Yes, we’ve known this for quite some time now, but the hole that the company is slowly digging for themselves is apparently getting deeper and deeper and if something isn’t done quickly, it could spell a major disaster.

F4WOnline/WrestlingObserver reported today that the Undertaker is suffering from knee and hip problems. Allegedly the big man had been having knee problems for months now. One report came out that he was seen icing his knees after his show-stealing match at Wrestlemania 25. Undertaker is scheduled to undergo minor knee surgery on his knee and would take some time off. There is fear within the company that there could be more complicated issues with his knees. Besides that, Shawn Michaels is also healing from bumps and bruises from his match with Taker.

Also today, Dave Batista was in The Daily Mirror to promote WWE’s Judgment Day PPV. The question was brought up about his future and he stated that he had been thinking about it a lot and has mixed feelings. Dave says he has about one year or so left on his current deal and as they approach it, he will “decide his future”. In the past, Batista has been the kind of guy who would normally say “yeah, I’ll resign”, but the fact that he is actually thinking about it makes it seem like leaving has crossed his mind more often now than ever. Keep in mind, Dave Batista is in his early 40s and started in the business much later than the norm. Usually if a guy starts in developmental when he did, they are politely turned down. But in the case of Batista (as well as The Boogeyman Marty Wright), his impressive physique and willingness to learn made it hard for WWE to say no.

Besides these three, the reports of Jeff Hardy also not re-signing with WWE in the summer has forced some in upper management to break into a cold sweat. In 2008, Hardy was WWE’s third largest merchandise mover and arguably the hottest guy they had coming up since John Cena in 2005. They finally gave him the World Title in December, about eleven months too late according to some, and cut the legs from under him. Hardy has managed to still retain his popularity, but with him being such a sporadic guy and known for disliking the road schedule, he may very well NOT resign.

These are four MAJOR main eventers who could potential be going bye-bye sooner than ever. It is all but confirmed that both Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker, arguably the two best workers in the company, will be retiring in the next two or three years. Both have made a surplus of money as well as are getting up there in age. Shawn has said he plans to retire at next year’s Wrestlemania. If WWE loses these guys, it will be a barren wasteland of mid-card guys who have lots of potential but can’t work at that level, with Paul Levesque above them all like Vigo the Carpathian in Ghostbusters II.

With WWE castrating it’s developmental, burying their young talent, and with many of the big draws and legendary workers wrapping up their careers, we might be in for a grim future. Add everything I just stated with the fact that Triple H has never been staler, and we’ve got quite the situation on our hands. Then again, some of us saw this coming five years ago or more. Changes must be made now. Too many people are sitting around twiddling their thumbs, not realizing that the business that I grew up loving could possibly be put on life support.

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8 thoughts on “Major Problems in the Near Future for WWE

  1. Hm… where did I see this scenario before?

    Oh yeah, I remember. That was when all WWF had left was the younger guys like Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, Bret Hart, Steve Austin and Rocky Miavia.

    Wow, that was a really horrible product, too.

  2. Boy you never seem to fail in showing just how awful your conclusions are.

    Comparing 1997 WWF to 2009 is laughable.

    Name me ONE GUY on that roster who is at the level of Steve Austin and Rocky. Name ONE. When you come back and do that, then you’ll have an argument.

  3. Guys, take the ass grabbing to private e-mail please.

    This is actually really good, but it will force them to make new stars. Injuries are reality and if there’s no competition to force them to make new stars, maybe this will.

    Plus, HBK and Taker were never going to wrestle forever. They are always going to have these kinds of injuries. Create new stories, push new guys, build new programs. That’s the only thing you can do.

    Enter, John Morrison – babyface.

  4. What you said GG is correct, and I agree, they’re going to HAVE to do this. My point is – they should’ve been better prepared for it. They also should not have made their young guys look like trash while making old geezers like Batista and Triple H worldbeaters. It’s ridiculous and repulsive.

  5. You’re totally right, but we can’t change the past. This will force them to shake things up.

    Cena is still in his young 30s and guys like Jericho and Edge are going to be moving into those veteran roles.

    Being forced to be creative is something that Vince has shown the ability to be able to handle. I don’t think that will change here.

  6. Well, there’s no knowing, but I’m just going by “this is what forces WWE to change”. Sometimes, they need to re-learn things it seems.

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