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HBO Boxing – Juan Urango Vs. Andre Berto Play By Play

There are two fights tonight and the first is Alfredo Angulo vs. Kermit Cintron. What might be most interesting is that Cintron rehydrated up to 169 while Angulo only hydrated back to 159. Also, it was said that Angulo didn’t come to Florida until the weigh in day, so Cintron had to do all the late media by himself.

Cintron dominated the early part of the fight, using his jab, and more importantly, his decisive speed advantage. Angulo started off slowly and seemingly allowed Cintron to look so good. But Angulo picked it up near the middle rounds and just pressed Cintron. He ate a lot of shots, but was able to make the fight close in my eyes. The 12th round was very good.

Cintron pulled it out 116-112.

Juan Urango vs. Andre Berto

1st Round
Even though Urango is the one coming up in weight, he looks jacked. His back is huge. I hope he passes the medicine test. Berto looked really fast and was using his jab and moving. The commentators (Max Kellerman, Bob Papa, and Lennox Lewis) made mention that Berto was moving right towards Urango’s power hand as a southpaw. They all said he was fast enough to do it, and Kellerman made the observation that Urango is a natural right-hander, thus he’s not necessarily walking into his power shot. First round to Berto.

2nd Round
Berto is still a bit quicker to the punches. Urango puts his head down and throws his left hand right behind his jab and Berto is able to time him, even throwing an uppercut after avoiding Urango’s left hand. There aren’t a ton of punches landing yet.

3rd Round
Berto caught Urango with a nice uppercut and then their feet got tangled and Urango went down. They called it a slip. But that picked up the intensity a bit. I think Berto’s pitching a shutout thus far.

4th Round
As Berto throws his right hand, he immediately clinches. Berto has decided to stop throwing his jab and he’s leading with his right hand. Urango’s starting to get physical and he’s punching out of the clinch right now. It was Urango’s best round thus far.

5th Round
At one point, I thought Berto was shooting for a double leg takedown. Berto’s hand speed is really noticeable. His foot speed made Urango look badly at points in the round as well. Not much happened in the 5th, but Berto still took the round.

6th Round
I think Berto is going to start separating himself decisively, as he did in this round. He’s not really hurting Urango as much as I can tell, but the talent level is just more noticeable as we get later into the fight.

7th Round
The announcers talked about Berto’s jab which borders on illegal because of the way he slaps it, like he is throwing a backhand. That was the most interesting part of the round. Urango isn’t quick enough to make this a fight and he can’t close the gab on Berto.

8th Round
Much of the same. It’s a frustrating fight to watch in the sense that Berto is obviously more talented and you’d like to see him try and finish the fight, but it’s obvious that the strategy was simply to outbox him and win on points.

9th Round
It was a better round for Urango as he was able to unleash a bit, but it wasn’t enough to dictate the round. I have Urango winning the 4th round, but it could easily be a shutout.

10th Round
As I suspected, as the fight goes on, Berto’s athleticism is just taking over. Urango is still stalking him, but can’t catch him. Berto’s style isn’t necessarily appealing, but it’s working.

11th Round
That round was a bit hard to score, but I’d give it to Berto.

12th Round
That was a fun round in a fight that wasn’t so fun. Urango had a good round and the type of round that he had to have, but I think it was more Berto trying to mix it up a bit so that the fans wouldn’t boo him. He could’ve danced the entire round and I’m not sure Urango would’ve touched him.

Winner: Andre Berto by unanimous decision

The scores were 117-111, 118-110, and 118-110.

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2 thoughts on “HBO Boxing – Juan Urango Vs. Andre Berto Play By Play

  1. Really enjoyed the Angulo fight, but was a bit disappointed with Alfredo’ performance. He didnt seem himself at all in the early rounds. He came back strong late, but he let too many rounds slip away. With that being said, I thought it was alot closer than the judges. Maybe one or two rounds in it at most.

    Cintron fought a great fight. I thought he definitely should have lost the fight to Sergio Martinez, and he didnt look good that night at all. He did great.

    I figured that one of two things would happen in the Berto fight. Either Urango would catch him early and hurt him, and then the fight would become very tough. Or else, Berto would just get into his rhythm and outbox him on the back foot, and thats what happened.

    Urango is a really tough guy to look good against because hes just so crazy strong. Hatton had to do the same thing pretty much. The thing is Berto is usually happy to brawl if provoked into it, and i thought he might get drawn into a punching contest. Berto was wise to stay away. In his last fight, Juan completely shattered Ngoudjo jaw very early. He doesnt have much finesse, but my god he his dangerous to stand in front of. He also has a damn iron chin so its really hard to deter him from pressing forward.

    It was a little frustrating to watch because Andre was outclassing him, but couldnt really impose his will on the fight. After the great war he had with Collazo, I think we can excuse Berto for making it a little bit easier on himself this once.

    Also, I try to like Max Kellerman. I think a lot of the time people are unfair on him, but my god he really irritated me on this broadcast.

  2. I’ve seen Cintron a couple of times before, but it was my first time seeing Angulo. The announcers mentioned that he didn’t come to Florida until weigh in and then they didn’t follow up (at least I didn’t hear them). Angulo just came out slow and allowed Cintron to rack up the rounds. But that guy kept on coming. I think he’s going to be pretty good. This might be the kind of fight he needs to humble him a bit. But Cintron fought a great fight.

    The Berto fight was a bit hard to watch. Urango was game, but the speed was just too much. I thought there were tons of opportunities for Berto to get in there and and throw a bit more, but oh well.

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