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WWE 2009 Backlash Live Play By Play

Backlash is the afterthought PPV this year, as usual. Because Wrestlemania was just three weeks ago, the push for Backlash has been less than stellar. The six-man tag team main event seems a bit lackluster and the stipulations are silly. One can only hope that Dave Batista turns heel here, because things need to be stirred up. John Cena vs. Edge, though we’ve seen it time and time again, should at least be above average.

But I especially want to see Chris Jericho and Ricky Steamboat. I can’t believe I’m watching Ricky Steamboat wrestle again.

We’ll be back here at 5PM Pacific with live play by play.

The ECW title match opens up the show and JR, Jerry Lawler, and Michael Cole are calling the match. I wonder if Josh Matthews has a bloody nose again.

1. Christian vs. Jack Swagger

It was a really good big man little man match, but the big man was bigger, faster, and stronger. Swagger looked awesome. He dominated nearly the entire match and threw Christian around like a rag doll. He even hit the Big Van Vader splash from the top rope. Christian took off the turnbuckle pad and Swagger hit the buckle and then fell into an Unprettier, or whatever they call it these days.

Winner: Christian by pinfall

Swagger looked so good that I think the title change, which was probably the right thing to do before the match, may have been early. I think he could’ve went over here, but you can’t really complain. It was a really good opener.

Christian saw Edge in the back and Edge explained that he’s not a fun guy anymore because of John Cena. He didn’t say anything about Big Show humping his wife.

2. Chris Jericho vs. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat

That was fun. Steamboat was definitely a bit slow, and it took him forever to put on the figure four, but it was still fun. I popped for the roll up from the bodyslam spot that he used to pin Savage at Wrestlemania III. Jericho put him in the Walls and Steamboat tapped. Just after Ross said that he’s never seen Steamboat tap before.

Winner: Chris Jericho by submission

Beth just broke up with Santino because he wouldn’t tell the truth about Santina. She wouldn’t even take one for the team.

3. Kane vs. CM Punk

I hate watching these guys wrestle, but it wasn’t bad. The story of the match was that Punk worked over Kane’s choke slam arm. He put on an arm bar at one point. When throwing a kick, Kane snatched him up, with help of his left arm to choke slam Punk for the win.

Winner: Kane

4. Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy

This match was all about how far Jeff would go to make his brother quit. Matt worked the figure four a couple of times and the annoying ref kept asking Jeff if he wanted to quit. Jeff went on the offensive and hit two swantons. He then tied Matt up and onto a table and Matt begged for forgiveness. At this point, the crowd got into it. Matt quit on the table, and Jeff leap frogged the ladder from the top rope and threw Matt’s body and the table anyway.

It was a weird match because they weren’t able to do a lot of their stuff, but it told a decent story.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Randy Orton did an interview throwing out some psychological darts toward Big Dave Batista.

Santina and Khali are next. Santina forgot to shave her hairy chest.

Hmmm. What did I just see here.

Santina came out, said she was in love with JR and Khali let her off the hook as long as she kissed JR.

Then Beth came out and challenged Santina to a match. Khali bonked her on the head after she called him an idiot and Santina pinned her. Then stripped Santina out of her bra. This was all kinds of weird.

5. Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase Jr., and Randy Orton vs. Shane McMahon, Batista, and Triple H

Orton finally hit HHH with the big kick to win the title.

The match was pretty slow early on but it picked up and become pretty good. They got the heat on Shane for a long time before he finally made the hot tag to HHH. It was HHH and Orton and they built up well to them finally locking up.

Rhodes had a chair outside, teasing that you could be DQ’d if you used it. He used it successfully twice. Big Dave got the chair and was about to hit Rhodes and HHH saw him and grabbed it away sensing that he could lose the title if Big Dave was DQ’d. Orton hit the RKO for a close two count. Then Orton gave him the kick of death for the pin.

They’re playing it up that HHH was knocked out unconsciously and brought out a stretcher. The announcers were speaking in hushed tones. The aftermath was a little overdone, but the match was booked well.

Winner: Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase Jr., and Randy Orton

Orton is the new champ.

6. Edge vs. John Cena

This match felt way long, but it was still very well put together. Cena gave Edge the FU from the top rope and the FU from the announcer’s table and into the crowd and Edge got up at the count of nine. Edge gave Cena the implant DDT on the stage as well as a conchairto. Cena got up at nine. Then Big Show came out and choke slammed him into one of the big spotlights that I think is used for pyro. He went through plastic or glass and it blew up and looked awesome.

Winner: Edge

Edge is the new champ.

Cena was also put in a neck brace and went out on a stretcher. It’s odd that they would have the same ending for both HHH and Cena on the same show. You’d think both of them wouldn’t be on the show tomorrow night.

It was a pretty good show. Lot’s of great action, and for the most part, it made sense.

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4 thoughts on “WWE 2009 Backlash Live Play By Play

  1. Keep ’em coming GG. It was pretty weak, but we expected it. No surprises on this one.

  2. You didn’t like the show? Interesting. I thought it was a good show. There weren’t many surprises, but there are were three title changes and everything made sense.

  3. I didn’t get to watch, but I am bummed I missed the Great Santina.

    Nice recap though.

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