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Video Vault – The Irony of R-Truth

GG thinks that I use the word “irony” incorrectly a few times. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this seems to be quite an ironic situation (and it may end up that I’m not using the word right yet again).

So back in 2006, Ron Killings, better known as current WWE Smackdown Superstar R-Truth now, was a proud member of TNA. In fact, he was very proud. To the point where every week he was “rah rah TNA”, waving the flag for the company as if he were some sort of general going to war. Most of the time, interpromotional wars are laughable, specially when one company is ten times the size of the other, like with TNA and WWE.

For some reason, Truth had issues with John Cena. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s a “white rapper” or because WWE marketed a guy as a rapper/wrestler and maybe Truth felt that bit his gimmick. What’s ironic about that (there’s that word again) is that Truth was IN the WWE 2 years before Cena doing the rapper gimmick as K-Kwik. So Truth was hell bent on dissing the at-the-time WWE Champion John Cena repeatedly. This led to an incident at Charlotte Airport with Cena and Ron allegedly that almost came to fisticuffs and Ron – as expected – backed down.

So I found this video here of Truth’s original “diss” to John Cena.

Prior to my gig here at FGB, I wrote hip-hop reviews for five years – so I know my shit. I find it unspeakably sad that Cena released an actual album IN stores while Truth has to pimp his album for free on Myspace (and calling it “You Can’t Stop Me” no less). He calls himself the hottest thing since grits, but when you spit lines like “you smell like doo doo” and spit cliche, predictable rhymes – that statement is voided. Truth goes on to say that if they have put TNA on Monday nights, TNA would destroy them. This theory was tested in February of 2007 when RAW was pre-empted and moved to Thursday to one week and went head to head with TNA. RAW scored a 3.3 and TNA scored a .5. TNA normally scored a 1 or 1.1 at the time, but a .5 means that TNA literally lost half it’s audience to WWE. Killings must have been smoking some good green in order to dream up these fantasies.

I can’t look at this without not only laughing, but also thinking how sad and rinky-dink it makes Ron and TNA look.

Now Ron wrestles for WWE. How Ironic.

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