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The Ultimate Fighter Season 9: US Vs. UK – Episode 5

Damarques says that Team USA is not really a team and they’re there for selfish reasons.

Team USA looks like they’re about to explode.

Michael Bisping picks Andre Winner to face Santino Defranco. Bisping says he won’t be able to hang with Winner.

Winner takes Bisping down in practice and the team goes crazy.

Defranco says that he tried out for the TV show twice before. He said that after the medicals for being on the show, Dana White called him to tell him he had a brain aneurysm and he thought he’d never fight again. He says that he was finally cleared to fight by his neurologist.

Are we having two fights or something? We’re only fifteen minutes in and the fight is already starting.

Andre Winner vs. Santino Defranco

It wasn’t much. They traded counter shots and missed punches until it went to the ground. Defranco looked like he was trying to set up an something with his legs, but other than wrapping his leg around Winner’s head, he didn’t have anything. Winner even screwed up and instead of pulling out of Defranco’s guard, he fell right back into it. But then he was able to posture up and rain down with punches for the stoppage.

Winner: Andre Winner by way of 1st round TKO

Jason Dent says he’s not used to being in social situations. Well, he’s going to have a successful life. He also said that one of the fighters was wearing a “wiggitty wiggitty wack” hat. Kriss Kross’ll make ya jump jump.

Cameron Dollar looks like he’s pissing people off. Team USA simply hates each other. Dan Henderson just tells them to push each other and get along. Team UK is acting like they want to sweep the first round of the competition.

Damarques Johnson was chosen by Team USA to fight against Dean Amasinger. Bisping says Johnson is Team USA’s best fighter, but not to underestimate Dean. Bisping tells him to watch out for the triangle.

For some reason, Bisping isn’t at the fight.

Dean Amasinger vs. Damarques Johnson

With only a few minutes left, this thing has to be quick.

Johnson had an early kimura and it looked over, but Amasinger pulled his arm out. He locked in a triangle and Amasinger tried to power bomb him, but to no avail. He had to tap.

Winner: Damarques Johnson by way of 1st round submission

Hendo says that Bisping probably didn’t show because he knew Team UK was losing.

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