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The Ultimate Fighter Season 9: US Vs. UK – Episode 3

I apologize for this being up a day late. For some reason, my DVR didn’t record the show. But thanks to the beautiful thing that is iTunes, I was able to buy the show in HD. That’s how you turn a negative into a positive! Ok, I’m still out three bucks, but whatever.

Team USA is definitely making this an us vs. them thing. Even better, they’re wearing Team USA and Team UK shirts to differentiate each other. There’s no need. You just need to hear them talk.

Junie’s baby brother is already causing issues by throwing eggs. I think he’s just trying to live up to the expectations. He calls one of the guys a “British motherfu****”. Ya think?

They call him Little Junie. He’s even pissing off Team USA. He slams an egg on one of his teammates’ chest and is begging for a punch to a jaw. At least Junie was funny at times. This dude is just annoying. They just reminded us that this is day one.

The teams agree to not mess with each other’s food or sleep.

Dan Henderson says that MMA in the UK is a few years behind the US. He also thinks wrestling is pretty much non-existent so they’re going to use their wrestling.

Michael Bisping riles up Team USA by mocking them and playing mind games. And the guy he messed with was a bit bothered and got the saying, “Don’t wake a sleeping dog,” wrong by saying, “Don’t kick the dog.” That was funny. He definitely riled him up.

Bisping is going to be a complete asshole this year and it’s going to be great.

James called baby Junie “15 minutes” for his 15 minutes of fame.

Team USA needs to fill out two more spots for their team. Those are the fights tonight.

Kiel Reid vs. Frank Lester

Reid says he’d die in the cage. Well, I hope he doesn’t lie to us and tap out.

Reid dropped him to his back with a nice right hand and Lester immediately dropped into his guard. Reid got to half guard, but they were back on their feet and Reid went back to the wrestling. Lester went for his arm and Reid picked him up to take him down and knocked himself out. He was so out that he couldn’t tap out from the kimura.

Winner: Frank Lester by way of 1st round TKO

There was a little bit of trash talking after the fight, but Reid couldn’t really say anything because he knocked himself, but would’ve had to tap out anyway from the kimura.

Rob Browning vs. Jason Dent

Jason Dent looks like Jamie Noble, but he’s not in as good of shape.

Browning says he’s never fought above 135 before and that he’s still five pounds light.

Browning’s hands look good, but he doesn’t get everything into his punches because he bounces back quickly after he throws his punches. It’s like a fadeaway. His left is also really low. He shot in and Dent sprawled and had Browning on his knees and was laying into him with knees to the body and shots to the side of his head. He got Browning up against the cage and was just laying into him with the punches and Browning couldn’t do anything but cover up and it was stopped.

Winner: Jason Dent

Dan Henderson says he’s glad baby Junie is gone because he didn’t want to have to deal with him. Browning told Dana White that he was shooting for the 135 pound division, which means WEC. Maybe he and Junie should become a tag team.

Dana is flipping a coin to see who gets the first fight pick. And then it flip flops. So it looks like one side will always choose the 155 fight and one will choose the 185 fight. That is unless they don’t have to flip between weights in between picks.

Next week, a really good fight is promised, as is more Bisping shenanigans, which so far have been great. I have a feeling this will be a fun season.

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