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The Ultimate Fighter Season 9: US Vs. UK – Episode 2

Last week, we saw the UK fighters, and this week, we see the US fighters.

He recaps the Dan Henderson vs. Rich Franklin fight and Dan Henderson is the US coach.

As Dana talks to the fighters, a guy passes out for the second season in a row. Jason Pierce says he’s now THAT GUY who fainted on the show.

John David-Shackelford had some herpes on his forehead and Dana had to kick him out. Christian, a 170 pounder didn’t make weight and he’s outside on the exercise bike trying to get the weight off. He started dry heaving on the treadmill and then just fell backwards and off the treadmill. I’m guessing he’s not making weight.

Dana says it’s the worst opening to a season ever. He tells them that Team UK is a bunch of killers.

Mark Miller is fighting one of his training partners Kevin Knabjian. Henderson says Knabjian doesn’t look happy to be fighting his buddy. Miller won after punching him in the face a bunch of times. Knabjian wasn’t happy with Miller after getting beat.

Richie Whitson has red hair and Dana White thought he looked like Shawn White. I thought Carrot Top. But his name is Richie, so maybe Richie Cunningham if he had curly hair? He’s fighting Paul Bird who says he’s going for the kill.

Whitson won with a rear naked choke and Dana said, “Shawn White can fight man.”

Dana says that Santino Defranco had a brain aneurysm and had surgery and is back fighting. Um, wow. Dana was making fun of his opponent Lowe (didn’t get his first name) for having a tattoo surrounding his belly button, “Like the chicks do.”

Lowe looks like Sean Sherk if he wasn’t blown up. Santino was taking a beating in the first round and then hit a knee in the second round and went to the ground and finished him off with a rear naked choke. Santino is officially the story of the show, at least until he loses.

Jason Pierce and Berger (again, didn’t get a first name) are up next. Looked like a really boring fight and Pierce won a decision.

Dana went through another fight quickly in which a guy named Hayden was winning the fight until another guy named Cameron Dollar (not the former UCLA basketball player) reversed him and beat him with a rear naked choke.

Damarques Johnson vs. Ray Elbe is a battle of welterweights. Elbe has been training in Thailand. Johnson just pounded Elbe.

Because of the two guys who had to leave the house, Team USA only has six fighters. Because of that, they brought in a couple of extras to make sure that there was still a fight in to make the team. Looks like those two fights will happen next week. One of the extras is Junie Browning’s brother Rob.

This season looks like it will be pretty good. There’s lots of goofball hijinks and I’m sure the UK vs. USA thing will cause the coaches to care just a bit more.

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