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Showtime Boxing – Jermain Taylor Vs. Carl Froch

On the other fight shown on TV, in a battle of super middleweights, Allan Green knocked out Carlos De Leon Jr. in the second round.

Gus Johnson and Al Bernstein are doing the broadcast.

Jermain Taylor vs. Carl Froch

Both guys jabbed a lot in the first round. Taylor landed a few big right hands and probably the best flurry. Froch throws heavy punches, but Taylor is quicker with his hands. He’s able to throw a short left counter hook and land it.

Froch caught Taylor reaching and lifted him with a left hook. Froch threw a short right that seemed to stun Taylor a bit. They started to throw a little bit in the last fifteen seconds. They probably split the first two rounds.

10-8 round for Taylor. Taylor stunned him with a right and then with a left hook. He threw another counter right which connected on Froch’s jaw and that was probably the best punch of the round. He then knocked him down with a right hand to the forehead. It’s the first time Froch’s ever been knocked down.

It looks like Taylor’s frustrating Froch. Froch is trying to get off, but Taylor’s not letting him. Taylor’s round again.

Very similar to the 4th round. Whenever Froch tries to get off, Taylor is quicker with his counters than Froch is with his big punches.

Froch landed his best punch of the fight, which was a right hand which got Taylor’s attention. Taylor doubled up on his jab earlier in the round and it looked to be going his way. It’s a very close round. Taylor got the best of the left hooks near the bell.

Froch landed another big right. Taylor landed a stiff jab as a counter shot. He is just beating Froch to the punch and he’s making him frustrated.

Froch is moving around a lot better and is being more aggressive with that right hand. Froch got the best of the left hooks to the body. He’s throwing a straight right after his jab and that’s his best combination thus far. Taylor might’ve stolen the round. He threw some vicious shots at the end and made Froch look slow and silly.

It was a fairly uninteresting round after the great 8th round. Froch needs to start playing catch-up here and he didn’t do enough of it to win that round.

It was a good round for Froch, but Taylor did hit some nice shots in there as well. They showed the scorecards from press row and according to them, the fight is fairly close. I think Jermain thinks he’s winning handily. I think Jermain is winning by at least three rounds or so.

This is the best round of the fight. Just as Gus Johnson was saying that the fight might be slipping away from Taylor, he started to open up. Froch might’ve landed the harder shots, but Taylor’s shots were more crisp and eye opening. That’s another hard round to call. I’d lean towards Froch just because I think he hurt Taylor more than Taylor hurt him.

What an amazing end to the fight. Froch staggered Taylor and Taylor had to get on his horse. But Froch caught him. Taylor was backed up against the ropes and Froch just teed off. Taylor went down and got up at nine with 30 seconds left. At this point, he needed to survive to see what the scorecards looked like. Froch stopped him 14 seconds later.

Winner: Carl Froch by way of 12th round TKO

It was a very good fight with a terrific ending. You have to feel badly for Taylor who fought a perfect fight for about 8 rounds, but Froch never said die and just kept the pressure on him. It was a really good fight.

Froch called out Joe Calzaghe at the end of the fight. Ha!

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2 thoughts on “Showtime Boxing – Jermain Taylor Vs. Carl Froch

  1. I can’t imagine Calzaghe comes out for anything other than huge money and he’s not going to get it fighting a guy who the public still doesn’t know. It was a funny promo though.

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