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Possible WWE 2009 Judgment Day Spoiler

I received word about the following yesterday, then looked around at all of the major pro wrestling sites and saw that nobody else had this story, so I figure I’d put it up, but with a disclaimer.

WWE is well-known to change their plans a lot lately, especially with leaks getting out constantly, so take this with a grain of salt.

– The scheduled RAW main event for May’s WWE Judgment Day PPV in Chicago is to be a triple threat match for the WWE Title between Randy Orton, Batista, and Triple H. Does this mean that Batista will turn during the Backlash match? Perhaps he will accidentally cost Hunter the belt. Either way, I smell shenanigans. On a side note, there is talk of possibly inserting John Cena in that match and making it a four way. I expect Edge to win the World Heavyweight Championship at Backlash tomorrow night.

– Mr. Kennedy is scheduled to return in May, but I am not sure if it will be prior to the Judgment Day show or after.

– There has been talk for the past month that CM Punk will cash in his title shot at this show since it is in his home town. I have asked around but not received a legitimate answer. One would expect it to happen much like Rob Van Dam did in 2006 at the One Night Stand PPV.

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4 thoughts on “Possible WWE 2009 Judgment Day Spoiler

  1. If they’re smart, Tista causes HHH the title. I wouldn’t even do it by mistake. I’d have him turn on him and make it a big deal.

    I’d even be fine with Tista in the match and walking out, causing a count out victory for Orton with HHH running down and trying to throw him back into the ring and Tista just clotheslining him.

  2. I agree with the first thing – not sure about a countout title change. I hate those. But I can see Batista hitting Trips with a chair on accident or vise versa – causing the pin.

  3. The reason why it would work is because it’d show that Batista outsmarted the Game. HHH never gets outwitted, or rarely does. Tista would outsmart him and I think they’d be able to start a hot feud.

  4. I just don’t wanna see a countout on a PPV. I know it happens – but I don’t wanna see it. They can do that on TV all they want – but people are paying (and not many) 50 bucks.

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