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Pacquiao/Hatton 24/7 – Episode 2

Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg are watching Manny Pacquiao train. Wahlberg is doing the Micky Ward story. No word on if Batman has to box in his next film.

Freddie Roach says that Manny’s focus isn’t all there. Roach’s way of fixing that is to ask everyone to leave and he says no one is happy when they have to leave the gym.

Team Hatton has moved to Las Vegas to finish their training.

This fight is at 140 pounds for Pacquiao after fighting Oscar De La Hoya at 147.

Moorer says he’s there to help out Roach who has Parkinson’s and can help Roach out when he gets tired.

Hatton’s mom talks about how the Hatton men like to be with taller women. His wife is 5’10. Hatton has a son from a previous relationship.

Floyd Sr. says that Ricky is a race horse and Pacquiao is a mule.

While watching tape on Hatton, Moorer calls him overrated, but rugged. Moorer says that when pressed, Hatton will go back to his old style and forget everything he learned in the gym.

Roach first came to LA to train Mickey Rourke, but he said that Rourke only showed up in the gym one day out of seven and he says he made Rourke cry after telling him off. He trained Rourke for seven fights and when he retired, Rourke gave Roach a lot of his old equipment.

Mayweather Sr. shows off his physique and says that he can be so ripped after eating candy and drinking kool-aid.

Floyd says that his career wasn’t good and he think it’s because he was shot by a shotgun young in his career. He also says that he’d die for his son even if they don’t currently speak and Floyd wouldn’t do it for him. He just wants to be a family and love each other.

The episode was a bit slow and really, there wasn’t much to it. The problem with Manny is that he’s simply a worker and unless you show him in his home country, other than being a great boxer, he’s not all that interesting.

They need a hook for this series in order to sell this fight. I’m not feeling it as far as it being huge, but it’s definitely going to be a great fight. I just worry that there’s not enough water cooler talk to make it huge.

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