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Oscar De La Hoya Retires

Boxing’s biggest current star isn’t so current anymore, at least as an in ring competitor.

According to ESPN.com, The Golden Boy has announced his retirement.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s over inside the ring for me.

After losing to Manny Pacquiao last December and looking like a shadow of his former self, the word around boxing was that De La Hoya could hang them up. But because his drawing power is or was still very near its peak, it wasn’t such an easy prediction to make.

Just two years ago, he drew the biggest boxing PPV buyrate ever with Floyd Mayweather. And last winter, he and Pacquiao did over 1 million buys in an economy that isn’t necessarily all that forgiving currently. Does he still have it? Well, I’m not sure he’s so far from his peak as he was two years ago and you could say that his poor performance against Pacquiao was partly to blame because of the terrible weight cut. And also, Pacquiao is simply the best pound for pound boxer in the world.

But maybe that’s a reason to retire. After losing to Mayweather and Pacquiao, two of the greatest in boxing today, De La Hoya the pro knew that he couldn’t be the best anymore, even though he is the most popular.

I hope to have some thoughts from all around the boxing community as well as the writers here on this site in a post later today.

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2 thoughts on “Oscar De La Hoya Retires

  1. Although he may have announced his retirement, it is still good to know that he would still be involved in boxing.. He is great boxer and it would be a loss to the boxing industry if he will totally be not involved in the same.. He’s still young to retire but we have to respect his decision.. He has reached the peak of his career retiring would not be a bad decision on his part… He has already established his legacy..

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