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News/Early Predictions about WWE’s 2009 Draft

This Monday Night, WWE will present a 3 hour RAW focused on the WWE Draft. Quite frankly, I see the draft as pointless because guys work on other shows on a weekly basis, with a handful of guys working all three (Miz & Morrison and Finlay come to mind). What is the point of even having a draft? I guess it’s just to say, “this is a Smackdown guy who will ALWAYS wrestle here, but you might see him on RAW from time to time.” Sure… I’m sure Brian Dawkins will play for the Broncos MOST of the time… but you may see him on the Eagles on an off-week.


WWE.com broke that 12 guys will be drafted. We’ve already heard from numerous sources in the industry that the main purpose of this year’s draft is to strengthen RAW. Funny, I could’ve sworn that was the purpose of the draft every year! I’ve heard through the rumblings that Michael Hayes has been pushing for Rey Mysterio to go back to Smackdown. Besides that, I believe Dave Meltzer has stated that Swagger is scheduled to go to Smackdown.

Here are my early predictions for who will move. I’ll probably be wrong but, oh well:

1. Triple H to RAW
2. Rey Mysterio to Smackdown
3. Jack Swagger to RAW
4. Evan Bourne to RAW
5. Jim Ross to RAW
6. Michael Cole to Smackdown
7. Brian Kendrick to ECW
8. Sim Snuka to Smackdown
9. Shelton Benjamin to RAW
10. Mark Henry to RAW
11. John Morrison to Smackdown (Like it matters)
12. Dolph Ziggler to ECW

Note: WWE also announced that there will be a supplemental draft on WWE.com Wednesday Morning.

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