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Mick Foley Beats Sting For The Title At 2009 Lockdown

The two major stories to come out of tonight’s TNA Lockdown show have to do with former WWE champions.

Mick Foley beat Sting in a cage match to win TNA’s world title, in somewhat of a surprise.

Also, Bobby Lashley came out after the Lethal Lockdown match and was teased to be a part of the Main Event Mafia.

Lashley is also a MMA fighter and would be the first guy in the US to do both pro wrestling and MMA in a while. You’d think that it would be hard to do both and it almost surely is, but TNA is supposed to be cutting out one TV taping a month, so as long as he’s not on the road, he might only be working for TNA for three days a month while still able to train MMA.

It’s on YouTube, until it gets taken down.

You can see complete TNA Lockdown results at F4W/Wrestling Observer.

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