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HBO Boxing – Winky Wright Vs. Paul Williams Play By Play

In the first fight, Chris Arreola pretty much dominated Jamel McCline in four rounds and stopped him to continue his push towards a big heavyweight fight. Both guys looked terribly out of shape, but Arreola didn’t necessarily fight like he was out of shape. It is odd that he has weighed more than the previous fight in his last four fights.

Winky Wright vs. Paul Williams

Wright looked really good, finishing off the flurries. Williams landed more punches, but Wright landed the better shots and won the round in my eyes. Jim Lampley thought Williams won on shear volume, but I thought Wright’s shots were better.

Williams has a great ability to throw an overhand left hand, even when he’s ducking down because he’s so tall and long. When a fighter ducks down, you’re not expecting an overhand shot. That was a tremendous round for Williams. He was much busier and was hitting the more impressive shots. Wright looks a bit overwhelmed.

That was a hard round to score because Wright didn’t really land anything except for the best two shots in the round. But Williams was so aggressive and just didn’t stop punching. I’d probably give it to Williams.

Part of the problem with this fight is that I’m not sure either guy is really landing. So when neither guy is really landing, you’re apt to go with the guy who throws more punches. No one is even close to being hurt.

This was a tough round to score, but I think I’ll have to score it to Wright. Lampley thought some zip was off his punches, but he also seemed to figure out Williams most in that round.

Either I’m getting tired or this fight is the same fight for every round. Williams punches are straighter and more on target. I guess he wins the round for that reason.

Again, similar round as the one before. Williams is getting off 3 and 4 punches before Wright gets off one. He’s also started to land shots to Wright’s face that are doing some damage.

It was one of Williams’ better rounds. He stung Winky a bit with a few shots.

Williams is continuing to let that jab fly and Wright’s face is paying the price. There’s nothing different that happened in that round than in nearly all the previous ones.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

You know, since the fifth round, I’m not sure Wright has won a round. But he’s still fighting a solid fight. Williams is just quicker, sneakier, more active, and landing the better shots.

For the fight, Williams has landed twice as many shots as Wright. They had a nice little flurry. Williams has this fight in the bag and he’s standing toe to toe with him, which shows you that he doesn’t really respect Wright’s power. Very good 12th round.

Decision: Paul Williams by unanimous decision

The judges scores were – 119-109, 119-109, 120-108.

Well, I gave Wright two rounds, but that was more than any of the three judges. Who’s next for Paul Williams?

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