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WrestleMania’s 25 Greatest Matches: HBK And The Deadman (15-11)

15. The Undertaker vs. EdgeWrestlemania 24
Big D says:

I was actually there live to watch Undertaker vs. Edge at Wrestlemania XXIV. It was really a great match live as well as a great match on DVD with the exception of the absolutely horrible commentary by Cole and Coachman. The match itself felt sort of like an All Japan main event. The Orlando crowd was watching with intent and popping for the near falls and Edge’s reversals. The finish however, was predictable. Taker doesn’t lose at Wrestlemania.

The best moment for me was just seeing Edge walk down with his fireworks and music blazing. This was his first real Wrestlemania main event and he was closing the show. He got to close out the show with an awesome match.

Winner: The Undertaker

14. The Undertaker vs. BatistaWrestlemania 23
Duan says:

This is one of the most physically intense matches you are ever likely to see. This is Undertaker’s best Wrestlemania match to date, and perhaps a career best performance for Batista.

In the build up to Wrestlemania 23, both men promised a show stealing performance, and they delivered on it. These guys brought the absolute best out of each other, and the Wrestlemania run really revitalized both characters. They went on to have the best feud of 2007 in the Observer.

Winner: The Undertaker

13. Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon: Ladder MatchWrestlemania X
GG says:

It might not have been the single most exciting Ladder Match of all time. In fact, if you re-watch it back today, you might not be as impressed as you’d expect to be. But there might not be a match that was more influential to the smaller wrestlers than this one. It’s a basic stunt match. The ladder is used as a prop. But on this day, Shawn Michaels wrapped a wrestling match around a ladder and made Razor Ramon/Scott Hall’s career. This is the one match that made Ramon a star and gave him his reputation as a star performer. Though Michaels would lose, true fans knew who made the match. Scott Hall should thank Michaels every chance he gets.

Winner: Razor Ramon

12. Money In The Bank IVWrestlemania 24
GG says:

I was quite surprised that this match did so well in our rankings. In fact, I would’ve never predicted that this match would be better ranked than the first Money In The Bank. But that’s why we rated them. We loved this match.

It was fast paced, had strong stunts, and was very logically put together. The two spots that are most memorable to me include John Morrison and Shelton Benjamin. I remember Morrison doing a moonsault to the floor with a ladder in his hand. It was scary looking, but also just an awesome spectacle. I also remember Shelton Benjamin getting dropped heels over head and onto a ladder. It was just crazy stuff.

Part of the reason why this might be so high on our list is because CM Punk won the match and went on to win the championship in a short, but memorable run.

Winner: CM Punk

11. Shawn Michaels vs. John CenaWrestlemania 23
Alan says:

This match truly gets better on repeated viewings. I liked this when I first saw it, but it was on the re-watch that I really saw how magical it is. The build to this was so good, and the match was worthy of all the great angles that preceded it. Cena’s best ever work was from late ’06 to summer ’07 and this match fell slap bang in the middle of that period. His selling was unreal and he showed much more poise when on offense than usual. Shawn was as masterful as he always is on the big stage. The back and forth down the stretch was beautiful.

Winner: John Cena

We are down to the top ten matches. Four out of the next five feature either Kurt Angle or Randy Savage.

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